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Azerbaijan is advancing in Karabakh, its conflict with Armenia will prolong, and Russia will not intervene

The director of the Caucasus Program at the Royal Chatham House Institute, Lawrence Brewers, said that the conflict dates back to a long time, and the Karabakh region, which today is witnessing battles, has demanded its independence since the independence of Armenia and Azerbaijan from the Soviet Union.

In statements to the episode (7/10/2020) of the “Without Borders” program, he added that the southern Caucasus region witnessed an overlap in population groups and minority lineage in it, which led to the difficulty of demarcating the borders at that time, in addition to the state of violence that Azerbaijan was witnessing. .

Regarding changing the demographics of the Caucasus region after its annexation to the Soviet Union, Brewers emphasized that the Soviet Union relied on structuring the state on an ethnic basis, and the republics of the Union were structured according to this theory, and he also worked on cross-breeding the population of these countries and empowering indigenous people with minorities to rule And naming the republic in their name.

He pointed out that the Karabakh region, which means “the plateau of the black grove”, was not named based on the nationality of its original people, but was named according to the place, and that the region is surrounded by Azerbaijani people and lands and was never on Armenian lands.

What is new in the conflict today is the world’s preoccupation with many issues such as the US elections and the outbreak of the Corona virus, and the balance of power has changed and is in the interest of Azerbaijan, which is superior to Armenia in terms of equipment and armament, and is able to achieve something on the ground, unlike previous battles in the region.

He concluded his speech that Russia will not intervene, because the joint security agreement signed between Armenia and Russia provides for the defense of Armenian lands, and the fighting today is taking place outside these lands, and Azerbaijan is working to keep the battles from reaching inside the Armenian lands to neutralize Russia.

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