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Bad news for those recovering from Corona … the complications of infection persist for a long time

A study by the University of Oxford (Oxford) in Britain found that there are long-term complications in patients with the emerging corona virus who have been discharged from hospitals, so what are the most prominent?

The University of Oxford said today, Monday, that the preliminary results of a study on the long-term effect of (Covid-19) disease resulting from the emerging corona virus, found that a large number of patients who were discharged from hospitals still suffered symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue, anxiety and depression after two to 3 months. Of infection with the virus.

The university added – in a statement – that scientists have also discovered effects that affect multiple organs in the body, and they believe that persistent inflammation may accompany people recovering from (Covid-19).

The study stated that about two-thirds of those recovering from the Corona virus who were hospitalized, are still suffering from damage to organs in the body, after 3 months of leaving the hospital.

The researchers explained that 60% of the recovered people who were transferred to the hospital due to their infection with the Coronavirus, are still suffering from lung infection 3 months after their recovery.

And they went on to say that magnetic resonance imaging showed that 30% of the recovered had kidney damage, 26% of them had heart damage, while 10% of them suffered liver damage.

Figure 9 shows the most prominent symptoms of Corona virus, and to find out a detailed list of symptoms of Corona infection, click on this link.

The patients showed signs of changes in tissues in parts of the brain, and their performance in physical and cognitive tests was poor.

Two thirds of the patients experienced permanent shortness of breath, and 55% of them showed signs of mental and physical exhaustion.

The study – which included 58 people recovering from Corona – reinforced the growing concern about the health and condition of people who survived the virus.

The study included 58 patients who had moderate to severe symptoms of Corona virus, and they were transferred for treatment at Oxford University Hospitals between March and May 2020.

Source : German + Daily Mail + Reuters + websites

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