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Bahraini and Arab tweeters condemn the visit of the first announced Israeli delegation to Manama

Bahraini and Arab tweeters renewed their condemnation of the normalization agreement between Bahrain and Israel, and praised the demonstration by Bahraini activists against The arrival of the first declared Israeli delegation to Manama.

Yesterday, Sunday, dozens of Bahrainis participated in a protest against the arrival of an Israeli delegation to their country, holding up banners denouncing the agreements resulting from the first official Israeli visit to Manama.

Dozens of Arab singers, through their accounts on the communication platforms, published photos and videos of the demonstrations, and they also launched the hashtag (and a name) in the name of Bahrainis Against Normalization.

An account was suspended in the name of Wael Zaqout Through Twitter on the images of the popular protests, saying, “These are our brothers in Bahrain, they are our bet. They are our living strength. Our people will not forget these stances, our glory and our backs. “

In turn, he denounced Qatari media, Jaber Al-Harami, praised the demonstrations that took place in Manama.

As for the blog Fatima Al-Wahsh, she said in a tweet.The beginning of a Bahraini revolution will uproot all the dolls on the thrones of the cantons (in reference to some Gulf states) of petrodollars. “

Fatima asked, “Zionist normalization is a gift .. Have you seen stupid than those shamans who gave their enemy a gift that he had never dreamed of?”

Egyptian economist Nader Al-Ferjani said on Twitter, “Large demonstrations against Zionist normalization are roaming the streets of Bahrain, and the government is begging for formal support from any party.

As for the activist Yousef Al-Khaja, he published several tweets, pictures and videos about the demonstrations, and said in a tweet, “There is no welcome nor easy to kill children on the pure land of Bahrain.”

In turn, blogger Dina Montaser said in a tweet, “Why I would have imagined that one day normalization would be overt, the dealings were from underneath (covertly) with respect for the daily flowing blood and the sanctity of the earth .. There are no justifications for betrayal. “

And published Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society that was dissolved, namely The largest opposition party in Bahrain, Pictures and video clips of dozens of protesters leaving a street, where they were raised Bahraini and Palestinian flags and banners with phrases like ““Betrayal,” normalizationO Zionists, get out of our land your agreement is invalid. “

According to the official Bahrain News Agency, memoranda of understanding were signed on Sunday in a number of fields, establishing cooperation between Manama and Tel Aviv, and achieving the interests of the two countries.

As for The Hebrew newspaper “Israel Today” stated that the two countries signed a joint declaration to establish full diplomatic relations, which will include a series of political, diplomatic and economic agreements, in addition to opening two embassies and exchanging ambassadors.

Source : Social Media + Anadolu Agency

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