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Ballpoint pens are not just for writing … a young Lebanese woman paints celebrities

Samia Dagher, the talented young Lebanese woman, gives her drawings an amazingly realistic character, as if the picture was taken with a camera lens, and not with a hand drawing. She is looking for new challenges through which to develop her talent; To achieve her dream to reach the world.

Aside from her degree in Fine Arts, Samia Al-Homsi Dagher studied technology, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and a master’s in software engineering from the Lebanese University, and her passion for technology may have helped her achieve this level of realism with a simple ink pen.

Samia has made a name for herself by creating realistic ballpoint pen portraits from celebrities to everyday portraits of people, as it is sometimes difficult to distinguish artwork from photographs.

Among her drawings, which were spread on social media sites, a drawing by the international singer Rihanna, and Arab stars such as Zafer Abdeen, Haifa Wehbe, Carmen Basibes, Wehbe Tawji, and the heroes of the world-famous series “Game of Thrones”; To have about 147 thousand followers on Instagram.

Today, Samia is one of the best pen painters in the world due to the beauty of her artwork.

Graphics or pictures

Dagher recalls that she was not yet five when her parents noticed that she was almost reproducing the same thing or picture that was placed in front of her, and this is a rare skill at this age, as the concept of shadows and shapes in children is immature yet.

Most of her drawings are with simple fountain pens that everyone uses while writing (Al-Jazeera)

Dagher explains, moving from privacy to a scientific generalization, that may come in the context of the theoretical gains she accumulated during her years of study for “Fine Arts” at the Lebanese University – Tripoli, her city, which she joined to sharpen her innate talent, two years after the beginning of her major in computer engineering at the university. Itself, after it was confirmed that it does not belong to the world of statistics, mathematics and informatics; But she understood that she had a future that fed bread, so she completed her master’s degree.

She continues to tell Al-Jazeera Net that most of her drawings are with a simple pen that everyone uses while writing, and that sometimes they start with small scribbles, and end up with a complex work that contains many details.

They focus on great detail, as well as the perfect proportions of different facial features, all of which combine to create drawings that are sometimes indistinguishable from photographs.

Many do not believe that they are real drawings, believing that they are fake, and that they do not draw these faces with their own hands, due to the mutation of programs and smart phone applications, which transform the image in moments into a drawing.

Digital for talent

According to Dagher, she also learned about a new fun in making artistic videos, which she shows on her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 146 thousand users. The innovation here came in her ability to employ the digital weapon, with which she fought her talent in favor of the talent itself, and this is what encouraged her to further improve and develop her talent to innovate in this technology.

Ballpoint pens represent the biggest challenge, especially since something cannot be done because it cannot be erased (Al Jazeera)

Ballpoint pens the biggest challenge

Dagher points out that she draws things to express, which can only be said with pen and paper, even though she has mastered all the techniques used in drawing. However, she chose ballpoint pens, because they represent the greatest challenge, especially since nothing can be done wrong. Because it cannot be erased.

Celebrities’ faces are often drawn in an unbelievable realistic way. The drawing closest to her heart is the “portraiture” faces and characters, where there is a story, feeling or story, and it generates in the scenes a sense of joy, pain or nostalgia, considering that the success of the portraiture is related to the audience’s interaction with it. , In addition to containing the necessary basic criteria and ratios; And because painting portraits is her first passion, so she paints them.

Dagher was happy that the actress Haifa Wehbe appreciated her exceptional art, which she commented on, and said, “As beautiful as your talent, thank you.” As for the Lebanese theater actor George Khabbaz, he invited her to attend his play in 2015.

Drawings sometimes indistinguishable from photographs (the island)

Art says what cannot be said

Dagger explains that she was greatly influenced by the art of Salvador Dali, the famous Spanish painter, as his drawings became the source, which made her love art more, considering drawing as a way to express herself instead of speaking or to convey a message that cannot be said.

When she is sad or angry, she resorts to drawing, and even in her happiness, she chooses it to express her joy, and as long as the drawing is full of colors, it is sufficient to express her joy, and the painting also reflects her sadness and the confusion of her mind if it is monochrome.

As long as the drawing is full of color, it is sufficient to express her joy, says Samia (Al-Jazeera)

Drawing is a way of life

Samia ends with regret that plastic art is both a profession and a hobby, as it is a source of income. However, it always remains a hopeless work in Lebanon, because the state does not care about its artists, and does not provide them with anything that helps them develop their talent and deliver it to the world, so she draws with it only because she enjoys it, and keeps all her works that she displays on her personal sites.

Drawing has a love in itself, and she praises God who bestowed upon her with this gift. For her, painting is a way of life, and she considers it her first and last passion.

She is certain that she defied the odds and was able to give lessons in drawing techniques and the basics of portraiture, and to sell part of her drawings, on demand, whether portraits, art projects, graphic stories, etc.

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