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Based on the story of the sinking of the ferry, Salem Express … it is not the first Egyptian film to be set underwater

A few days ago, the official teaser for “Mako” was launched, and the makers of the work published propaganda posters on “Instagram”, and removed it with the phrase “Get ready … the journey will begin.”

As soon as the advertisement was shown, it met with enthusiasm from the audience, who was surprised by the level of filming and the quality of the subject, especially since the events take place underwater, which makes the film the first Egyptian work that most of its events take place in the deep sea.

Phrase “Salem Express”

The work belongs to the category of suspense, excitement and mystery, and is based on a true story about the sinking of the ferry “Salem Express” in the Red Sea in December 1991.

As for his story, it talks about 8 people who own a documentary film production company, who decide to travel to the scene of the accident to make a documentary film about the phrase, and there they face many unexpected challenges and surprises.

It is reported that the work is scheduled to be shown in the last week of 2020 and during the New Year season.

It was written by Syed Amin Seko and directed by Muhammad Hisham Al-Rashidi, and the tournament was collective and varied, as it included many nationalities, including Nahid Al-Sebaei, Basma, Muhammad Mahran, Ferial Youssef, Amr Wahba, the Lebanese actor Nicolas Moawad, the Jordanian actor Munther Rayahneh, and the Turkish actor Murad Yildirim.

The soundtrack supported the composer and arranger Hisham Khorma, which increased the enthusiasm of those waiting to work.

Out of the box

Although this type of films is technically difficult; But it seems that the new generations of cinema workers have a real desire to change the shape of the industry and upgrade it, and the evidence for that is the films that we have watched in recent years, and came completely outside the box, including:

The treasure

The movie “The Treasure” is an epic experience by all standards. The work was produced in 2017, directed by Sherif Arafa and written by Abdel Rahim Kamal, and starring Muhammad Ramadan, Hind Sabry, Muhammad Saad, Ruby, Ahmed Hatem, Ahmed Rizk, and Amina Khalil.

The film belongs to the category of historical works, so its events begin in the mid-seventies after Hassan’s return from Europe and the end of his studies of Egyptology. In the old family home, he discovers the existence of archaeological papyri belonging to the rule of Queen Hatshepsut that would lead him to some treasure.

This is how the work events travel back to the past, specifically for the Pharaonic and Ottoman eras and the first half of the 20th century.

Although the film’s budget amounted to 60 million pounds ($ 3.8 million), which is a huge number, it only reaped 19 million, and one of the reasons for that was the work time being 165 minutes, which suggested to the audience that they might get bored. However, the awards the work won motivated the industry to present A second part with the same crew in 2019, whose profits did not exceed 6 million pounds.

The highest grossing in the history of Egyptian cinema

Symptoms that resemble schizophrenia, a psychopath who combines violence and danger, and a genie trying to control and spoil everyone’s lives. These are some of the elements that revolved around the movie “The Blue Elephant”, which was released in 2014, and starred Karim Abdel Aziz, Khaled El Sawy, Nelly Karim and Sherine Reda.

The work is the first experience that brought together writer Ahmed Murad and director Marawan Hamed, and the film achieved at that time a commercial success, with revenues exceeding 35 million pounds, while the audience praised it, who found it a new type of Egyptian cinema, whether in terms of the technical technique used or even the level of excitement Mystery and myths dealt with in the movie.

Despite some negatives, which took on the work due to the boredom and weakness of the scenario; However, its makers introduced a new part in 2019, and its revenues soon exceeded 103 million pounds (the dollar is equivalent to 15.7 Egyptian pounds), to become the most profitable work in the history of Egyptian cinema, although the audience and critics found it visually impressive. But he did not present anything new at the level of plot or idea, and therefore preparation for a third part is being prepared, to be released soon.

The “natives” philosophy

The film “Al-Asliyeen” was released in 2017, and it is the second collaboration between Ahmed Murad and Marwan Hamed. The work included a number of big stars such as Majid Al-Kadwani, Khaled Al-Sawy, Muhammad Mamdouh, Kinda Alloush and Menna Shalabi. They are the elements that made the audience excited to watch, before their reactions were mixed about it.

The work, even if its apparent plot is simple and direct, shows how family relationships have become threatened by the presence of phones and technology, and how we have become observers all the time without being alerted to an alarming degree.

The story of the film tells about a bank employee who leads a very routine life; But suddenly he is laid off from the company to cut labor, then he finds a mobile phone that turns his life upside down; However, the film mainly contained a lot of philosophical symbols with some mystery wrapped in irony and black comedy.

And this is what the viewers differed about, between a group that did not understand at all the message that the filmmakers wanted to present, and others who interpreted the work characters as philosophical interpretations, and found the heroes to symbolize things other than their real personalities, such as seduction, instinct, and a confused person amid the whirlpools of life.

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