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Batwa players do not deserve to wear the royal shirt

Real Madrid’s defeat yesterday in front of Cadiz in their backyard showed that there are players who do not deserve to wear the royal shirt; Some of them lost their level, and others lost competitiveness and physical fitness and failed to play at the high level.

Flucas Vásquez and Nacho Fernandez are two examples of the decline in the level, and Marcelo and Isco express the loss of competitiveness and impose themselves on the starting line-up.

No two differ on their footballing quality, but they have lost many of the coach Zinedine Zidane’s requirements, and to be part of a top European team competing for all local or continental titles.

It is clear that these four remain in the team only because they have valid contracts, or no offers were made to them, or because they want to stay and not leave.

It is clear that “Zizo” underestimated the newcomer team to the League, and wanted to implement the “rotation”, especially in light of the intensity of matches and the El Clasico maturity next Saturday, so he involved these four and kept the Brazilian Casemiro and the Uruguayan Fedi Valverde on the bench; He paid the price.

But the “rotation” failed to provide a decent level in front of a team that dominated the match in length and width in the first half hour, and almost increased its scores of goals, while the royal was without strength, and most importantly without offensive fangs.

Before El Clasico, this loss may affect the morale of the Merengue players, and it is clear that Zidane wanted to fix the “big dilemma” in which he put himself through making 4 substitutions during the match, but the team had lost the match psychologically, and “the sword was preceded by isolation.”

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