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Because of Corona … an accelerated growth in cloud computing despite safety risks

Informatics reports showed that the Covid-19 pandemic, which the world is experiencing, has increased rates of cloud computing use, a trend that will continue in the coming years despite the high safety risks.

The quarantine measures taken by many countries in the world have prompted companies to support their technological infrastructure, to enable their employees to work remotely on the one hand, and to ensure the continued supply of their products to the market on the other hand.

Cloud computing is the provision of computing services and resources from servers, software and storage spaces through the Internet, and interfaces are provided to manage these services through cloud computing, usually through web applications.

This technology is used to save and store data, provide multimedia live broadcasting services, provide customized software, data analysis, web hosting, and application experience.

According to a report by the International Data Corporation, which analyzes the market for modern technologies, spending on cloud infrastructure rose by 2.2% during the first quarter of the year. 2020, in conjunction with the spread of the Corona epidemic around the world.

Although this figure appears modest; But it is significant when compared to a 16.3% decrease in spending on non-cloud IT investments over the same period.

A survey by MariaDB found that 40% of companies reported accelerating their move to cloud computing due to the spread of the epidemic.

Companies like AliBaba and Azur continue to aggressively employ their cloud divisions, as do cloud-based technology providers such as Cisco and Slack, reflecting the growing demand. On cloud services.

According to Forrester, a technology consulting firm, the public cloud market has returned to growth after some slowdown in public cloud revenue growth rates in late 2019.

The pandemic has fueled the market by the middle of 2020, and Forrester expects the global public cloud infrastructure market to grow by 35% to $ 120 billion in 2021.

The cloud market returned to growth after some decline in its growth rates in late 2019 (Pixabay)

Expectations of continued growth

The reason behind these trends seems clear, according to the aforementioned institution, as companies around the world rush to shift operations to relying on remote work in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, they have prioritized cloud-based solutions, which their employees can access from anywhere.

This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, given announcements by several companies to allow employees to work from home indefinitely.

Experts expect an increase in security threats to cloud environments as well as a result of the epidemic; Because it has become easier to circumvent unskilled workers when working remotely.

When employees use personal computers and home networks to perform their jobs, company firewalls may not be able to protect them. This makes it easy for attackers to prey on users, spread malware, and wreak havoc on their machines.

The growth of cloud computing may come with risks related to data protection (PixFiol)

They also expect that the growth of the cloud computing market will continue to rise in the coming years, as the recent IDC report predicted that the market for cloud services could reach a trillion dollars by 2024, according to the cloud technology website, Cloud Tech.

“The cloud will play bigger roles, and even dominant in the IT industry, for the foreseeable future,” said Richard L Villars, the group’s vice president for global research.

By the end of 2021, based on the lessons learned from the epidemic, most companies will put in place a mechanism to accelerate their shift to application services and digital infrastructure, which focus on the cloud twice as fast than before the pandemic.

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