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Because of Corona … Napoli may lose their match against Juventus

The Napoli team could be considered losing 3-0 against Juventus in the Italian soccer league, which is held on Sunday, if the team did not appear at the Turin stadium, according to the request made by the health authorities.

The Italian League said – late on Saturday, in a note sent to the Italian news agency – that the match that will be held at Juventus’ Allianz Turin stadium will be held tonight as scheduled.

However, reports stated that the Napoli team will remain in the city on Sunday, awaiting the official decision from the League.

The League recently announced rules that allow clubs to postpone their matches if there are fewer than 13 players available, or if 10 cases of coronavirus are reported within a week.

Reports stated that the Naples trip to Turin – which was scheduled for yesterday, Saturday – was canceled after a call from the health authorities in Naples, which asked the whole club to enter quarantine after the injury of the duo Betor Zelensky and Elf Elmas on Friday and Saturday.

However, the Italian League appears to have implemented the Italian Federation Protocol for the game, which allows training and holding matches for uninfected players of the team with positive cases.

The infected players will remain in complete home isolation for a period of two weeks or until the negative of their samples appears.

It was reported that negotiations are currently underway between the league and Napoli, who may travel to Turin on Sunday.

Napoli have undergone successive checks since their last match against Genoa, which was held last Sunday, as the number of injured players reached 17 this week, and the Genoa match with Turin was postponed to a date yet to be determined.

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