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Because of their headscarves, Muslim women in France are subject to constant attacks

The stigmatization of others is not part of the discussion of the phenomenon, that is, the phenomenon, so how are the veiled women who were insulted last year in France, who were publicized and who were not originally announced, but to this day they are subjected to competition, insults and insults because they cover their heads?

With these questions, the correspondent of the French Liberation newspaper in London, Sonia Delissal Stolber, began a report in which she asked about the news of Bonn’s faith today, a year after she was insulted in front of her child in the square of the Regional Council in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, eastern France.

Then the reporter asked about all the women who had been insulted one day, especially Maryam Bojito and Eman Boone, and she said that they are two young women entering adulthood and choosing to join society, each in her own way, the first is fighting for students, and the second is a student who provides advice on how to survive Alive by few means.

Stolper asked about the veiled woman who was verbally assaulted in the fall of 2019 for volunteering to accompany a classroom trip, and her willingness to spend hours pledging children for fear of being lost, and returning to them happily after a trip outside the school walls.

Maryam Bogito was targeted by MPs who left a session in which she was speaking in protest against wearing the hijab (French)

Unjustified violence

“I am writing to you from the United Kingdom, from a country where the veil is not presented as a topic for discussion, and yet I do not write to discuss secularism or wearing the veil,” said the correspondent writing for the French newspaper from London, explaining that she is writing because these actions last year were the cause of violence.

She said that a deputy from the National Rally last year was behind these actions, and last week there was a journalist behind it, and recently behind it was an elected member of the “Republic Forward” party to which President Emmanuel Macron belongs.

These acts are not – as the reporter says – aspects of discussion, but are unjustified acts of violence, in addition to being a desire to cause a stir and arouse the interest of the media, and it is a way to develop some arguments that are renewed one time, and we always forget and then forget the veiled women who have been subjected to these attacks.

“I write because I am traumatized by this violence, and by the ease with which some people choose these easy goals, without thinking for a moment about the personal consequences,” Stolper said.

Iman Boone, a student, gives advice on how to survive in a few ways (picture from her YouTube page)

Stigmatizing others

Stolber said that stigmatization of others is not part of the discussion, and she said that children in the United Kingdom learn to discuss any topic in primary school, and that these lessons teach them that the first virtue of discussion is respect for the interlocutor, noting that what she described as “vomiting accumulates” is inconsistent with No respect for the other.

The reporter concluded that people always forget that the targets of these violent acts are not a piece of cloth. Rather, they are women of flesh and blood whose hearts are undoubtedly beating with violence and their souls shaking.

She concluded that she still believes and believes that a person can be an elect of the republic, a journalist, or just a person closely related to the values ​​of secularism, without forgetting other basic values, such as the values ​​of respect and kindness.

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