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Because of tribal confrontations … The announcement of a curfew in the Sudanese cities of Port Sudan and Suakin

The Governor of the Red Sea in Sudan announced a curfew in the cities of Port Sudan and Suakin, starting today from twelve in the afternoon until four in the morning local time, until the security situation calms down.

Tribal confrontations took place between groups rejecting the prime minister’s decision to dismiss the governor of Kassala Saleh Ammar and others supporting the dismissal decision.

The Director of Health in the Red Sea State, Zaafaran Al-Zaki, told Al-Jazeera that the confrontations resulted in the killing of 6 and the injury of 11 in the city of Suakin.

For his part, journalist Amin Sanada, from the city of Port Sudan, told Anadolu Agency, that the city has witnessed widespread protests since Tuesday evening, in opposition to Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok’s decision to dismiss the governor of Kassala.

According to eyewitnesses, protesters set fire to empty tires and closed main roads in Port Sudan.

Warning and calls

In turn, the governor of Kassala, the article, Salih Ammar – through his account on the social networking site Facebook – warned the security services against using violence against the demonstrators.

Ammar said, “We warn the police and security services against any use of violence against peaceful demonstrators. We also call on these agencies to protect the constitutional rights of protesters.”

On Tuesday, the Sudanese government announced the dismissal of the governor of Kassala from his post without naming a successor, in order to defuse a tribal conflict that has been going on for about 3 months, in the east of the country.

Last July, Saleh Ammar was sworn in, as governor of Kassala, which borders Eritrea, but he was unable to assume his post due to the outbreak of a tribal conflict that resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens.

political crisis

Kassala is witnessing a political crisis of a tribal character, after the Hidandawa tribe refused to hold Saleh Ammar, a member of the rival Banu Amer tribe, as governor.

On October 6, the Sudanese Council of Ministers stressed, in a statement, the necessity of an integrated strategy to manage the crisis in the east of the country, due to the presence of the intelligence and international dimension and many complications.

Bringing peace to Sudan is one of the most prominent files on the table of Hamdok’s government, which is the first government since the army leadership removed Omar al-Bashir from the presidency in April 2019, under pressure from popular protests against his rule.

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