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Belarus president refuses to cancel anything – and says vodka and saunas will ward off coronavirus

Belarus president refuses to cancel anything – and says vodka and saunas will ward off coronavirus

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  1. People are betting on Belarus sports league these days

  2. I’ve seen this on several sci fi shows, the world is covered in time-bubbles. It’s 2020 in some places and 1960 in other places and 1880 in other places.

  3. Really? Vodka and Saunas will ward off the virus? Well shit…

    *books flight to Belarus*

  4. Oh, so he’s going with the Chernobyl solution…

  5. According to the World Health Organization, [34.7% of deaths in Belarus are alchohol related, and they consume the most alchohol per capita of any nation, at 17.5 liters per person](https://belarusdigest.com/story/who-belarusians-are-the-heaviest-drinkers-in-the-world/), which works out to 23.3 750ml bottles of pure alcohol a year for the average person. It would probably be more accurate to say that Belarussians are unafraid of the coronavirus because anyone susceptible to it due to age or underlying medical issues is going to die of alcohol poisoning or liver failure first.

  6. i mean the president of belarus is an actual insane dictator so this isn’t surprising

  7. Can’t die of coronavirus if you die of cirrhosis first! *taps temple*

  8. There have to be hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people that are intelligent, logical, rational, and able to accept input from experts in various fields. How the fuck do we end up with Presidents and PMs like the ones we have now?

  9. > Belarus president refuses to cancel anything – and says vodka and saunas will ward off coronavirus

    Maybe, but the goal is not to die.

  10. I’ve got beer and a hot water tank that lasts about 5 minutes. I’ll check in later.

  11. Does that mean we can still watch their football league?

  12. Same exact cure was promoted during the Chernobyl meltdown. Getting drunk and sweating it out is the limit of this guys ideas.

  13. Why does it seem like the entire collection of world leaders is just a big shitshow

  14. Well, if they’re right- we learn something. If they’re wrong- the problem sort of solves itself.

  15. >At the event, he told a reporter: “It’s better to die standing on your feet than to live on your knees.”

    He’s going to kill the virus with toxic masculinity, everything’s under control

  16. I’d go for vodka saunas to be sure

  17. England tried that.

    For like 25 minutes

  18. Ah, my country on the frontage! Yay! Now what is that virus y’all taking about? Just got done with the hourly sauna stuff, out of the loop here.

    And yes, on a more serious note, almost no one gives a shit here. People still gather together, no shortages in stores, very few people using masks, a lot of non-essential businesses working as usual etc.

  19. If the quarantine has taught me anything it’s that I am like a chocoholic except for booze.

  20. Well if we haven’t tried it how do we know it doesn’t work?

  21. RIP Belarus. You were….a country.

  22. …*polishing a Darwin Award just for him.*

  23. It’s honestly good science to see what the differences are when some countries do nothing.

    Keep it up! You’ll help the rest of the world.

  24. I’m a foreigner currently living in Belarus. Ask me anything I guess

  25. Why are authoritarian figure so anti-reality?

  26. It’s like Greeks and their windex

  27. I thought there couldn’t be anyone dumber than trump. Guess I was wrong.

  28. No. Saunas and vodka will do absolutely nothing to ward off any virus or disease.

    That said there are mild health benefits from saunas. Scientifically they have no effect in the prevention of any virus or disease.

    Its like exercise. It’s a healthy thing to do… but jogging a mile a day isn’t going to stop you from getting the flu.

  29. Lines are forming outside saunas in Belarus as we speak.

  30. What about all the farmers in Belarus?

  31. I think I’m moving to Belarus. For the vodka alone…

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