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Between forced, compelled and dreamer .. Stories of the inspiring people on International Migrants Day

The celebration of International Migrants’ Day this year is based on the diverse and unique stories of social solidarity experienced by every migrant, as migrants build their new societies around the world, and their number reached 272 million, according to the annual United Nations report on migrants for the year 2019, an increase of 51 million Immigrant for the year 2010.

The International Organization for Migration, Migrants and Local Communities celebrates International Migrants’ Day on December 18 of each year, and international organizations launched the hashtag # WeTogether to support migrants on this occasion that the United Nations designated as an annual international day for the recognition of migrants and the need to preserve their rights.

From camp poverty to a pioneering doctor

Dr. Anisa Ibrahim was 5 years old when she was lifted from the horrific civil war in Somalia.

She fled Somalia in 1992 with her family and spent a year of her childhood in refugee camps in Kenya.

Anisa (33 years old) told her story to the American television network, CNN, “There were a lot of people in small neighborhoods, and we were all fleeing the effects of violence and political upheaval. Our family was more fortunate, but there was a lot of poverty and malnutrition. And infectious and rampant diseases. “

The following year, the family was transferred to the United States, where Anisa and her siblings were treated for some illnesses in the pediatric clinic at Harbor View Medical Center in Seattle, the same center she now runs where she works as a doctor, but her move to America did not come without obstacles as she struggled as a refugee wearing Hijab, and she did not see anyone like her in her field.

This made her sometimes question the possibility of her admission to medical programs, so she lived in social isolation and felt difficult to overcome in the beginning, but now she lives as a mother in a small family, and she is happy that she did not have to make a comparison between motherhood and medicine as society supports her in performing two tasks.

A restaurant does not close its door to the poor

Pakistani immigrant Azzi Manan is the owner of the Sakina Halal Grill in Washington, DC, which opens its doors daily and feeds any homeless or poor who asks for help, providing 16,000 free meals in 2018.

Speaking to the American newspaper “Forbes”, Manan said, “One day, I was in a similar situation, where I did not have enough food, it is nice to raise the spirits of another person.” The experience caught the attention of the National Migration Forum and considered it one of the most inspiring migration stories.

16 years of inspiration after her death

Astronaut Kalpana Chawla was born in India and remains an inspiration 16 years after her death, she graduated from the College of Engineering in Punjab, came to America and earned her MA and PhD degrees in aeronautical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Chawla acquired US citizenship before NASA selected her in the astronaut program. To become the first woman of Indian descent to go into space in 1997.

Chawla died with 6 crew members in early February 2003 during her second mission into space, when the space shuttle Columbia crashed while returning from one of its flights.

“She was different and special since her childhood, because I’m the father, all I did was not cut her wings, she wanted to fly, I just let her fly,” Chawla’s father Panarasi told Forbes.

The last video of Chawla and the shuttle crew before crashing on the return flight:


International days are occasions to educate the general public about issues of importance, mobilize resources and political will to address global problems, and celebrate and promote humanitarian achievements. Although the celebrations of some international days precede the establishment of the United Nations, the latter has adopted these celebrations as a powerful tool to spread awareness.

Every international day gives the actors the opportunity to organize activities related to the theme of the occasion, and the institutions and offices of the United Nations, in addition to governments, civil and private sectors, educational institutions and citizens in general, seek to make the International Day a starting point for awareness-raising activities related to the topic of the day and its objectives.

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