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Biden announces members of his administration Tuesday … Trump looks forward to the next G20 summit and his campaign resumes ruling in Pennsylvania

Reuters quoted US President Donald Trump’s campaign sources as saying that the campaign has appealed a ruling calling for the cancellation of ballot papers and delaying the certification of the counting results in Pennsylvania, while more critical Republican party leaders have voiced their stance on the election results.

The Trump campaign said in its lawsuit in Pennsylvania, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden, that it has challenged the decision of District Court Judge Matthew Bran in the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Bran, a Republican nominated by former President Barack Obama, on Saturday rejected a lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign aimed at disqualifying millions of votes cast by mail in Pennsylvania, where Trump won the 2016 election.

The judge described what was stated in the lawsuit as “baseless legal arguments and accusations based on speculation.”

US President Trump commented on Twitter, saying that the Pennsylvania judiciary’s decision is subject to political considerations.

Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning, “Fight hard, Republicans,” in confirmation of his unfounded account of election fraud.

In his most recent tweet, Trump said he looked forward to working with Italy during its G20 Presidency in 2021.

Critical Republic Voices

On the other hand, more Republican Party leaders criticize the US President and demand that he move quickly towards facilitating the transfer of power, considering the dozens of cases he raises in the courts as failed and lacking evidence.

Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, described the Trump campaign’s arguments about election fraud as a “national embarrassment.”

Christie, who is considered an ally of Trump, said in an interview with ABC that it was time for the president to admit the loss and allow the transition process.

Michigan Republican Representative Fred Upton told CNN that voters have said their word and there is no evidence of widespread fraud.

Republican Senator Pat Tommy also stated that the ruling “exhausted all possible legal options” for Trump in Pennsylvania, and called on the president to “accept the election result.” He also congratulated Tommy Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, describing them as “dedicated government employees.”

Earlier, Liz Cheney, a member of the House Republican leadership team, called on Trump to immediately provide evidence of widespread manipulation of the vote, otherwise he should respect “the sanctity of our electoral process.”

Eleven states have ratified the results of the presidential elections, while the rest of the states are expected to ratify the results soon, before the 14th of next month, when the electoral college will ratify the results.

Since Biden was declared winning two weeks ago, Trump has filed a flurry of lawsuits and has lobbied massively to prevent states from certifying election results.

Critics, including Democrats and some Republicans, accuse Trump of trying to undermine confidence in the US electoral system and delegitimize Biden’s victory by promoting false allegations of widespread voter fraud. Biden is due to take office on January 20.

Democrats’ preparations

On the other hand, Ron Klein – chosen by US President-elect Joe Biden to fill the White House chief of staff – said that parts of the power transfer process are proceeding at record speed despite the obstacles put in place by the Trump administration.

Klein added in an interview with “ABC” that the court battles waged by Trump’s campaign will not change the outcome of the election.

Klein emphasized that the inauguration ceremony will be shortened to reduce health risks in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. He said Biden and Vice President Kamil Harris would stress safe practices during the inauguration ceremony scheduled for January 20, but did not provide details.

Klein said that Biden will announce Tuesday the names of the first members of his next administration.

Biden had warned of what he described as Trump’s irresponsibility and harmful messages that he sent to the rest of the world regarding the modus operandi of American democracy, referring to the latter’s rejection of the results and their skepticism.

For his part, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said he agreed with Biden’s statement that Trump’s behavior is incredibly irresponsible.

Speaking to French media, Le Drian added that Biden’s words about Trump do not contradict the truth about the latter’s refusal to acknowledge his defeat in the elections, and confirmed his confidence in American democracy and that it will be on time, as he described it.

As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said he was ready to work with any American president, but he was still not ready to admit Biden’s victory in the last presidential election.

Bloomberg news agency reported that Putin said in comments to Russian state television that he would work with anyone who commands the trust of the American people.

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