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Biden chooses a character for the Treasury and Trump clings to power despite his loss in the courts

US President-elect Joe Biden announced that he had chosen a personality to take over the Treasury Department, while Trump continued his efforts to stay in power despite losing legal battles in several states.

Joe Biden revealed, Thursday, that he had chosen a person for the financial portfolio who would be accepted by the entire spectrum of the Democratic Party, and added that he would reveal his name soon.

“We made the decision and we will inform you of it before or after Thanksgiving Day,” he said, which the Americans celebrate on November 26.

Sources close to the Democratic president-elect said Biden’s choice may have fallen on Lyle Brainard, 58, who is the only Democratic member of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy committee (the US central bank).

If the position were to fall to her, Brainard would be the first US Treasury Secretary in more than two centuries.

This technocrat, who graduated from the prestigious Harvard University, is well acquainted with the Treasury Department. She was responsible for international affairs under the Obama administration before her appointment to the Federal Reserve, and she was particularly charged with the file of manipulating China’s national currency, the yuan (Yuan).

New strategy
In the same context, outgoing President Donald Trump insists on being the winner of the presidential elections, and continues his efforts to stay in the White House.

Informed sources told Reuters that the Trump campaign has turned into a new strategy that relies on persuading Republican lawmakers to intervene on his behalf in the crucial states, which Biden won.

The Trump campaign has already asked a Pennsylvania judge to declare Trump the winner. This allows the Republican-controlled legislature to choose the state’s 20 electoral college votes.

It is noteworthy that Biden defeated Trump in this state by 82,000 votes.

While legal experts argue that Trump’s last-ditch effort is unlikely to succeed, they say the strategy represents an unprecedented attack on democratic institutions by a president in power.

Defeats in the courts
Trump resorted to this strategy after losing, yesterday, Thursday, 3 lawsuits that were filed to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from assuming the position.

In Georgia, a Trump-appointed judge rejected a request from the Trump campaign to stop certifying Biden’s victory in the state.

The lawsuit alleges that Georgian election officials improperly changed the way they dealt with absentee ballot papers, namely voters who did not attend polling stations, and voted in other ways, including through the mail, the Internet, or through proxies.

District Court Judge Stephen Grimberg said that “stopping certification at the literal last minute would generate confusion and lead to denial of rights, which I do not have a basis for in reality and the law.”

It is noteworthy that the state of Georgia recounted the votes manually, to confirm once again that Biden won by a difference of more than 12 thousand votes for Trump.

Likewise, a Pennsylvania judge rejected a separate lawsuit filed by Trump’s campaign to nullify about 2,200 votes in Bucks County (near Philadelphia). Due to alleged wrongdoing.

The judge said that “there is no evidence of any fraud, misconduct or irregularity with regard to the contested ballot papers.”

And in Arizona, a judge rejected a Republican-backed lawsuit aimed at preventing Arizona officials from certifying Biden’s victory in the state.

Judge John Hana said he had rejected a request by the Arizona Republican Party to issue an injunction barring the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors from certifying the county’s results, and the judge did not explain why the request was rejected; But he said he would soon issue a more detailed decision.

The judge said it would be “pointless” to allow the party to file a new lawsuit, indicating deep doubts about the case.

The Edison Research Center reported that Biden defeated Trump by more than 10,000 votes in Arizona, one of the states he had seized to win the race to the White House.

Biden led Trump with more than 5 million votes at the national level, and at the electoral college level, Biden won 306 votes to 232 for Trump.

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