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Biden warns of the risk of delay in transition … Trump campaign continues to withdraw stabbing cases, Giuliani denounces fraud

The election campaign of outgoing US President Donald Trump announced Thursday that it will withdraw a lawsuit filed to challenge the voting results in the presidential elections in Michigan, amid the insistence of his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to confirm the occurrence of fraud in the elections, while President-elect Joe Biden warned of the risks of delaying the transition process .

This is a new failure of Trump’s legal efforts and his campaign to reject the victory of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden after the vote that took place on November 3, when several lawyers had previously announced the withdrawal of their defense of Trump.

“We will withdraw the lawsuit that we filed in Michigan as a direct result of the fulfillment of what we sought: prevent premature adoption of the election results in Wayne County, and before people are sure that every legal vote has been counted and no illegal vote has been counted,” Giuliani said in a statement.

The Trump campaign said it had achieved its goal of not believing the election results in Wayne County, which includes Detroit.

This came after a statement by two Republican members in the province who said that they were subjected to pressure from the Democrats to force them to endorse the results. For its part, the “ABC” network quoted the Michigan State Secretary as confirming that there is no legal mechanism that would allow the county to revoke the certification of the results. Trump’s campaign hopes to nullify the election result in Wayne County, whose votes allowed President-elect Joe Biden to win the state by more than 145,000 votes.

Giuliani admitted in a press conference that lawyers had lost in cases related to the recent elections because they had been harassed and threatened, he said.

He attacked those responsible for organizing elections in more than one US state, and said that the polling track was a systematic fraud.

He announced that the president’s campaign had certificates indicating that the mail managers had asked their employees to change the arrival date of the ballot papers to be counted. He said that the campaign was not allowed to inspect the ballot papers that arrived in the mail because they were forged to ensure that Joe Biden won.

He stated that 15,000 voters in Pittsburgh came to the polls and were told that they had originally voted by mail, highlighting that voters were not allowed to correct the ballot papers when they made a mistake in filling them out in the Republican majority areas.

Giuliani claimed that 682,000 ballot papers in Pennsylvania were counted and were not verified and signed. According to the law, observers from both parties should be allowed to inspect the ballot to ensure its legality.

Georgia and Wisconsin

On Thursday, Georgia state is expected to announce the final election result after election officials in 159 state counties have completed a manual recount, while US President-elect Joe Biden has warned of the dangers of a delay in the transition process on the distribution of Corona vaccines and plans to confront the pandemic.

According to the New York Times, the recount did not change the outcome of Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump.

Executive Director of the voting system in Georgia Gabriel Sterling revealed – in a video conference with reporters – that the state will announce the results of the recount on Thursday.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Ravens Berger told CNN that he does not believe that a recount will change the outcome, which is Biden winning the state vote.

In a related context, the Wisconsin authorities reported that President Trump’s campaign had paid the costs of conducting a partial recount of votes in the state.

The Wisconsin Election Commission said it would recount the votes in Milwaukee and Dan counties, two Democrat-dominated areas, after the Trump campaign paid $ 3 million, less than $ 7.9 million for the state’s entire recount.

Biden won in Wisconsin by more than 20,000 votes, receiving 49.5% of the vote to 48.8% for Trump.

Biden warns

The US President-elect, Joe Biden, warned of the risks of delaying the transition process on the distribution of Corona vaccines and plans to confront the pandemic.

During an online meeting with health care workers, Biden said that the law allows the Public Services Department to start the process as soon as there is a clear winner, considering that the administration’s failure to recognize the winner in the elections is the biggest obstacle to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Biden added that so far we haven’t had access to anything we need to know about vaccine stocks and information, we know there aren’t many of them at all.

He continued, “We have reached the point where we feel that with the time these vaccines are shown, how will they be distributed and what is the plan? And who will receive it first ?! There are many things that we do not have, and if they are not available soon, we will be weeks or months behind the ability to formulate an integrated initiative related to it?” Promising vaccine. “

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