Home / news / Bill Ackman warned ‘hell is coming’ because of virus: He then pocketed $2B in bets against markets

Bill Ackman warned ‘hell is coming’ because of virus: He then pocketed $2B in bets against markets

Bill Ackman warned ‘hell is coming’ because of virus: He then pocketed $2B in bets against markets

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  1. It may be a dick move, but that’s more on the people who blindly buy and sell stocks based on the guy on TV; rather than ever actually looking at any prospectuses.

  2. What’s wrong with that?

  3. He put his money where his mouth is.

    This is how the market works. He wasn’t stealing from anyone. He was protecting his other investments by hedging it when he noticed that something was off. The money came from other investor who were making bets that the market would continue to go up.

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  5. Wish I had of know that a month ago.

  6. Why would you incite further panic and then take your short position off the table? This headline is implying that his interview was designed to create capital gains when in fact he closed his position…..

  7. Nothing inherently wrong with what Ackman did. He can invest as he likes and he can advocate for public policy as he likes. Just like all of us.

    The problem is what CNBC did. Media has no business broadcasting public policy opinion from with direct financial incentive from public policy. The nation needs to criminalize what CNBC did.

  8. What a dick. He should’ve warned us all the market was going to tank, then foolishly held on to the very investments that he predicted were about to lose their value.


  9. ANyone positive on equity markets is a fool.

    This is gonna be like 1929. Already 60M out of work.

    A one time $1200 check from Uncle Sam won’t cover a month of expenses for most.

    Hell is still coming and every “rebound” is just bull bait.

  10. How does one bet against the market? Like what does the user interface look like? “Click here to buy 1 stock” makes sense. “Click here to…bet that a stock loses value?” Doesn’t.

  11. This is what a parasite looks like. Not the poor. Not the homeless person. Not the immigrant.

  12. Bill Ackman sounds like a dick

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