Home / news / Black Friday sales contribute to waste and overconsumption, a group of French lawmakers have said, arguing that the annual retail extravaganza should be banned.

Black Friday sales contribute to waste and overconsumption, a group of French lawmakers have said, arguing that the annual retail extravaganza should be banned.

Black Friday sales contribute to waste and overconsumption, a group of French lawmakers have said, arguing that the annual retail extravaganza should be banned.

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  1. I don’t buy anything during the holiday sales that I wouldn’t normally buy – but I wait for those sales so I can pay less for those items.

  2. This reminds me of those “don’t buy gasoline on X day to protest”

    People are still going to buy gas, just on different days. I think black friday is stupid but banning it is even dumber.

  3. Could just replace “Black Friday” with “consumerism” and it’d be true all year long. Everyone, myself included, buys way more shit than they need.

  4. Consumerism contributes to waste. Every joke gift and giant teddybear is a humongous waste. I stopped wasting time and effort and just get everyone giftcards unless I know exactly what they want

  5. How is this even legal? They gonna ban business’ from having Sales and promotions? Who votes for these people?

  6. I went to my local GameStop yesterday and saw that they we’re opening at 3 to start sales. I came back about an hour later at 2:45, got out of my car and walked to the door. Me walking to the door made everyone else get out of their cars but there were only about 30 people total. Lined up, walked in at 3, bought a PS4 for 200 bucks, walked out. Wasn’t too bad but big stores aren’t worth the trouble.

  7. Wow. They have BF in France or are they complaining about the US? In either case I agree. I refuse to participate in the BF madness. #OptOutside

  8. Why not banning Christmas then? Toys forgotten after two days, pets that were bought as gifts for kids and end neglected, food waste etc. Like it’s new??

  9. I’ll not a fan of Black Friday, but I’m even less of a fan of government telling businesses how to operate.

  10. Otherwise sane, normal people turn into raving utter shitheads on Black Friday. It’s so not even worth leaving the house today.

  11. It should be pretty clear by now that there is fuck-all good about black friday.

  12. But if lots of people get trampled to death during Black Friday stampedes, that will reduce our carbon footprint, no?

  13. They’ll talk about for months but they’ll never do anything.

  14. I went today and bought a Cast iron cookpan and some bathroom towels. Everyone around me was carrying fancy shoes, TVs, game systems, etc. etc. I like being able to get a decent deal on things we need.

  15. I mean I’m sure it does in the sense that more stuff is bad for the environment. Banning Black Friday is a really stupid idea though.

  16. What civilian would be against this? Genuinely curious

  17. could say the same about Christmas…

  18. Is there Thanksgiving too in France? Americans get the Friday off after Thanksgiving (held Thursdays), so stores just give big discounts for people to shop. It’s more part of Thanksgiving holiday in US.

  19. How about we stop blaming the consumer AGAIN. Tell manufacturers to stop planned obsolescence in tech, stop one use plastic packaging, and stop fucking over the planet with manufacturing waste and factory pollution. That’s where we need laws, not in some fire sale holiday where people buy shit that the will buy regardless, just at a higher price if not on this holiday.

  20. (english below) C’est complètement faux imho, on à pas un problème de “surconsommation” on à un problème de répartition des richesses. Et la gestion des déchets/la réparabilité à besoin de beaucoup de boulot.

    Les ventes massives de “Black friday” sont juste une indication du fait que les gens n’ont pas les moyens d’acheter ce dont ils on besoin le reste de l’année et doivent attendre la journée avec 90% de réduction pour le faire, c’est tout.

    Les gens ne “surconsomment” pas en devenant propriétaire d’une télévision ou de vetements ou autre. C’est surtout le fait qu’ils ont pas les moyens d’y acheter le reste de l’année, et que ce n’est plus réparable et qu’on manque de filière adaptée pour gérer nos déchets de masse et soit les remettre en état soit réutiliser les composants ou matériaux pour fabriquer de nouveaux produits.

    Règle à la louche : Si vous demandez aux gens de vivre à un niveau de vie inférieur aux travailleurs des années 60 (qui vivaient dans un système économique de gauche “inferieur” avec une technologie “copiée”) alors vous argumentez des conneries imho. On à eu un siècle de progrès technologique et de création de richesse. Si vous êtes incapable de me dire ou ces richesses sont passés, alors c’est qu’on à un gros problème de répartition/distribution des richesses. Et non, la faute n’est pas celle de la population qui tente de se procurer ce dont elle à besoin pour vivre dignement, pendant un jour de promo.

    Et c’est pas en interdisant les promos ou à la population de pouvoir faire ses courses à ce moment qu’on va améliorer la situation.

    Concernant le “gaspillage” je vois surtout qu’on ignore un potentiel de fourniture de matériaux énorme dans les déchetteries. Qu’on déplace une grosse partie de la consommation sur un marché du recyclage ne me choquerait pas du tout. Qu’une télé ou autre soit construite de pièces recyclées ou un modèle récent réparé pourrait beaucoup aider l’environement sans handicaper la population.

    I actually directly disagree, we don’t have a wealth problem we have a distribution problem. And waste definitely needs better adressing.

    But really black friday is more of a sign that people can’t afford to buy what they need the rest of the year so they need to wait out for the 90%-off sale to do it; the way i see it.

    The problem isn’t that people “overspend” by having clothes and TV sets, it’s the fact they can’t afford it the rest of the year than the fact that it’s unrepairable throw away items and that there is no proper recycling behind.

    Rule of thumb : if your suggested social model can’t even offer 1960 working class living standards (that is with, according to the republicans, “inferior knock out technology and economics”) then i don’t even want to hear about it because you’re pushing garbage. We have had a century of tech progress and wealth creation since, if you can’t account for any of it, then we have a distribution problem. And no, the onus isn’t on the civilians barely trying to survive with dignity.

    And certainly you won’t better the situation by forbidding people to do their shopping on a sales day.

    Regarding waste, i think we also miss out on a lot of potential to recover materials and parts from our high tech
    and daily waste. We could move a lot of consumption on repairs or recycling. It matters less if a tv set is built of spare parts or a semi recent repaired model, it could still occupy some use space/need and help the environment without hampering the day to day life of its would be owner.

  21. The actual problem is Christmas. Black Friday is just a natural symptom of it. If you want to radically decrease wasteful consumerism then stop promoting holidays that encourage such behavior. ie: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, …

  22. What a dumb thing to be upset about.

  23. Ban this ban that ban everything. People are babies and the government needs to tell us how to live.

  24. Only the rich should be allowed to waste and overconsume!

  25. I agree completely.

    Even going beyond that, those who shop on Thursday are taking time off from a holiday that’s supposed to be about family and being thankful to stand in line at Target.

    That’s not what Thanksgiving should be about. Christmas has already been lost to commercialism and overconsumption. Thanksgiving should be a time for *everyone* to pause and be thankful.

  26. Let’s just ban everything at this point. /s

  27. If it were only in the US (as it were originally) the gross consumerism would be commonplace. We shouldn’t ban it but should discourage it in the rest of the world. Don’t emulate that which you despair at.

  28. I agree. it is also insulting to human dignity, judging by some scenes I have seen in shopping mall today…

    People fighting for some discounted designer clothes..

  29. How do you ban Black Friday? Like it’s the only day of the year where no sales are allowed?

  30. You can’t ban idiots.

  31. Instead of spending money on black friday. I “waste” my money by transferring 400$ to my savings.

  32. I’m not normally one for banning things. However…

  33. this will surely do wonders for France’s booming economy

  34. While we’re at it please ban x-mas, valentines, easter, birthdays maybe too, and any other corporate encouraged shopping holidays/events.

  35. I bought a cooking pot and a mango. The cooking pot was 60% off and the mango was an everyday special. I ate the mango and an waiting delivery of the pot.

  36. Sometimes I don’t understand my own country. Buy the stuff you were Going to by anyway on BF, the rest is useless junk anyway, that’s it.

  37. I can’t remember where I read it and it may be complete BS, but I’ve heard retailers would like it removed as well. Since lots people usually only start holiday shopping on or after it stores are missing out of days of retail shopping after Halloween.

  38. Shut up and take Fry’s money!

  39. Ban all fluctuating sales. Only ever depreciating price for a product sold in a shop.

  40. Good luck with that. Consumers gonna consume, and corporations gonna keep trying to get as much money as they can. We’re going to ride these paradigms to our graves.

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