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Blackwater Mercenaries … were imprisoned for their actions in Iraq before Trump released them

They killed with their weapons 14 Iraqi civilians without justification in Nisour Square in Baghdad in mid-September 2007, and were convicted and tried in their country, the United States, but US President Donald Trump did not find any embarrassment in issuing a presidential pardon for them with a stroke of a pen days before he left the White House.

Although the incident is well-known and its details are known, and sparked the anger of the Iraqi street at the time, and the four murderers were sentenced to life imprisonment and long terms, Trump did not find anger to release them and pardon what they had committed.

Trump’s affair has brought back to the fore the notorious Blackwater security company, which, despite the anger of the angry, has enjoyed impunity with its sisters from other controversial security companies known for their bloody practices.

From Iraq to Afghanistan, stories of Blackwater’s violations of human rights and the abuse of civilian dignity spread, after which stories emerged about the roles of mercenaries Yevgeny Prigozhin, the Russian president’s cook, in conjunction with the public intervention to support the regime in Syria and the hidden in Libya that began to unfold recently through the support of mercenaries, “Wagner.” Lieutenant-Colonel, retired Major General Khalifa Haftar.

These companies have become a tool for whoever pays, including the UAE’s use of thousands of Colombian and Australian mercenaries. The American “The New York Times” says that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, stipulated that Eric Prince, founder of Blackwater, should recruit more Muslims, the fact that Muslim recruits will not be entrusted with killing Muslims if they are ordered to do so, according to the same newspaper.

Despite the demands of human rights organizations to establish an international legal framework that frames the work of these companies, these demands have not been met, and it does not seem that this will be soon, as the map of their spread covers the five continents, and has become a pillar on which countries and major companies rely to protect their interests and perform tasks that may sometimes be Dirty, in areas where the power of states is weak.

Trump’s amnesty has generated fears that other killers of those security companies will suffer the same fate and get away with punishment, albeit far from it, but behind it are many demands of innocent blood relatives who were killed by those mercenaries who are fighting for money only.

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