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Body parts were found .. US police are continuing to investigate the Nashville bombing

American media quoted security sources as saying that human remains were found at the site of the explosion that rocked – on Friday morning – in the center of Nashville in the state of Tennessee in the southeast of the United States, without confirming whether the remains belong to the bomber or to one of the victims.

A huge explosion resulting from the explosion of a tour vehicle shook the city on Friday, resulting in 3 wounded and massive damage to about 20 buildings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigated the explosion, which investigators said was unprecedented inside the country.

Nashville police published a picture of the car that exploded in the middle of the city, and said – in a tweet – that this vehicle arrived at Second Avenue at 1:22 am in the middle of the night, and asked everyone who saw it or had information about it to contact her on the phone number attached to it.

For its part, the US Federal Aviation Administration decided to temporarily suspend flights to and from Nashville Airport, due to the telecommunications network being affected by the explosion.

Warning before detonation

And the city police explained that there were audio recordings coming out of the vehicle that was used in the bombing, informing about its imminent occurrence and asking whoever hears the call to evacuate the place.

The police added that their personnel took this announcement seriously, and that they would reach the truth, noting that it is too early to reveal the progress of the investigations.

In turn, the White House confirmed that President Donald Trump received a briefing on the incident hours after it occurred, and Acting Justice Secretary Jeff Rosen directed that all resources be made available to assist in the investigation, while the state governor declared a state of emergency in the city.

A few hours after the explosion, which occurred early Friday in front of a tower housing the offices of AT&T Communications Company, Nashville Police began combing all the homes surrounding the site of the blast.

City police spokesman Aaron McCabe said – in a press conference – that the police believed that it was an intentional act, adding that they did not know if there were any attempts to carry out other explosions, nor did they know if anyone was inside the car when it exploded.

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