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Boeing Mocked Lion Air Calls for More 737 Max Training Before Crash

Boeing Mocked Lion Air Calls for More 737 Max Training Before Crash

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  1. Of course they did. They believe they were set to make a killing by cutting corners. Similar responses can be seen below:

    – Oil executives mocked Environmentalists when they cried wolf about the looming climate crisis.

    – The Mercers laughed all the way to the bank while seeing hundreds of thousands OD’ing in their drug.

    – Big tobacco executives laugh their asses off when people started saying that smoking kills.

    – Robber Barons chuckled at seeing workers taking a stand agaisnt abusive working conditions.

    – Slave traders were amused at the concept of “people of color” being human.

    My point?

    When you believe with undying certainty you are set to make a shit ton of money on some “trade”, anything that contradict said belief will kick off your “Cognitive Dissonance” response and make anything not in line with your goal/belief laughable.

    That’s not to say these mofo don’t deserve to go to jail for what they did. Money is addictive and is ok to pursue it, but people died because of these assholes, they deserve to pay.

  2. The year 2034: Anyone ever hear of a company named Boeing?

    Yeah, they got bought out of bankruptcy by AnyoneCanSwim.com

  3. It’s going to be sad when no one goes to jail over this.

  4. So glad [Nikki Haley](https://thehill.com/policy/transportation/aviation/441705-nikki-haley-joins-boeing-board) is on the board at Boeing, putting in the good word for more regulations and oversight directly to our esteemed president.


  5. I hope criminal charges are coming for those two employees in these texts as well as a slew of others.

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