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Bold scenes and accusations of promoting “pedophilia” … Saudi Arabia stops showing “Halal victims”

The Public Authority for Audiovisual Media in Saudi Arabia suspended the series “Halal Victims”, which caused an unprecedented uproar on social media sites after it was exposed to societal crises, presented bold scenes and sexual suggestions, and one of its episodes dealt with the marriage of a child to a woman, and its discussion of thorny issues such as the marriage of misyar in Saudi society.

Fuss on social media

The series caused a sensation on the communication sites, and many followers accused it of inciting “pedophilia” (pedophilia), as they cut a scene from the series showing the marriage of a child with a woman.

A large number of viewers objected to the makers of the work because they were not Saudis and because of their exposure to Saudi society, and many of them confirmed that the writer of the series is Syrian and the director is Egyptian, and that the scenes were filmed in the Emirates.

Some accused the series of “promoting and inciting vice.”

Others criticized the series’s presentation of internal problems in society, while comparing the Saudi drama with its Egyptian and Syrian counterparts. One of the tweeters said that “Egyptian drama shows the courage of the Egyptian officers as in the selection series, and the Syrian drama draws on the Syrian generosity no matter how bad the circumstances, while the local Saudi drama is presented as a clown. Greedy, perverted and terrorist. “

While few saw that the series discusses real crises from the heart of society, and that public interventions without correct critical tools are what causes crises.

A number of the tweeters saw the need to hold accountable those responsible for the production of the series, and demanded that the producer, director, author and heroes of the series be held accountable for their attempt to distort the image of Saudi society.

The story of the series

The series “Halal Victims” deals with the story of 5 girls from different backgrounds and social classes. They were subjected to harsh conditions and found no refuge except through Umm Noura, who convinced them that the only way to salvation was the misyar marriage that she administers according to her terms.

The Saudi social drama series is written by the Syrian Nour Shishkly, directed by the Egyptian Ahmed Medhat, and produced by “MBC STUDIOS” and Al Sadaf for audio and video production.

The series is shown every Sunday, as 5 episodes were shown, but the Media Commission stopped showing the rest of it, and decided to hold business officials accountable. It stars Sana Bakr Younis, Mella Al-Zahrani, Badr Al-Luhaid, Al-Anoud Saud, Nasreen Al-Radi, and Khaled Saqr, and is shown on the witness platform.

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