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Bolsonaro plays down coronavirus risk as Brazilian cases top 1,500

Bolsonaro plays down coronavirus risk as Brazilian cases top 1,500

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  1. I’m seeing a trend here:

    Downplay > Cases explode > Scramble > More deaths that could have otherwise been avoided

  2. Seems to be a running theme for right wing demagogues.

  3. He wants a health crisis, that’s his ticket to bringing the junta back his constituents demand

  4. Yet another unsavory world leader that our unsavory leader supports.

  5. Imagine voting for this asshole.

  6. Another who thinks they are too rich/powerful to suffer this or the other dominos that fall after. Everybody loses. There are no winners in this collapse.

  7. Well… Good thing Argentina and Paraguay closed their borders, that’s all I’m going to say

  8. Brazil is about to get fucked.

  9. Bolsonaro is a fucking criminal piece of shit. Total garbage.

  10. It doesn’t matter. The governors are all 100% dedicated to fight the pandemic and they have enough power. Mayors and congress are helping too. Bolsonaro is alone trying to downplay it to save the economy.

  11. Someone shoot this guy already

  12. Who knew self important right wing politicians are shit at managing public crisis

  13. Do you want to murder your political career? Cause that is how you murder your political career.

  14. Bolsonaro the type of guy to miss a layup and blame it on the wind.

  15. If he is not deposed by congress, military coup, etc. certainly covid will depose him.

  16. You gotta do what you gotta do to make news when you are literally the most unimportant leader of a country in the world.

  17. Brazil really needs to cleanse itself of this fucking clown. Arrest him.. Kick him out of office.. Put a bullet through his head.. Do whatever it takes just get rid of him before he takes your country down with him.

  18. Yeah. But the ministries of Health and of Infrastructure started taking precautions months ago when this shit started blowing up in the east. Individual states (can’t say for others, but São Paulo certainly did react accordingly and in time). I’ve never seen a governor being so educated on the mater and prepared for the collective interviews. The order for quarantine becomes effective Tuesday, but many people are already self-quarantined. And most people aren’t even hoarding toilet paper.

    I just saw a series of interviews from CNN Brazil (newly minted) and the ministers of Finance, Health and Infrastructure showed technical knowledge about the virus and effective and safe containment measures, as well as explained to the population exactly what to do.

    Health professionals have been called to crew typical and additional clinics as well as briefed on the situation and how to deal with it from their positions. Websites are available to provide ample and up-to-date information for both laymen and professionals.

    Brazilian government response to the first cases was exemplary.

    Brazilians won’t tell you that though, because blaming the government and not doing your part is the cool thing. They’d rather puff up and go on about how Bolsonaro’s government shunned the Cuban doctors only to resort to them again. Because politics are more important than trying to keep the fucking country afloat.

    It’s going to suck, but it won’t be because Brazil was under-prepared. It will be because this virus is being a pain for everyone and Brazil isn’t as rich as the US.

    Bolsonaro is a piece of shit, though.

  19. Like his soulmate Trump, Bolsonaro knows that his Law Enforcement and Military are ready, willing, and champing at the bit, to massacre protesters when things get really bad.

  20. Why the hell is his face mask so small? Or is his head just a Red Queen sized head?

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