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Boris Johnson admitted to the hospital

Boris Johnson admitted to the hospital

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  1. It’s disappointing to have to make this warning again, but comments wishing death or harm to Boris Johnson (or anyone) are not permissible and are a bannable offence.

    You may still criticise Boris Johnson’s leadership/politics all you wish.

  2. Day 9-10 is were some patients developed sepsis and ARDS, likely a precaution since he’s not recovering.

    Graph below illustrates the progression of the disease.


    **Source from the lancet;**


    >Clinical course and risk factors for mortality of adult inpatients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a retrospective cohort study

  3. Friday video said “he’s feeling better” and then a day later in hospital. Familiar story with a lot of covid19 cases.

  4. Hopefully this will at least help people in our country understand just how serious this virus is. No one is beyond its reach.

  5. The hospitalisation rate of Covid-19 is quite high. This [recent paper](https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30243-7/fulltext) estimates that in Johnson’s age group about 8% of all infected people require hospitalisation. At the same time, the fatality rate in that age group is estimated to be about 0.6%.

  6. >Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for tests – 10 days after confirming he had contracted coronavirus.

    >Sky News understands Mr Johnson still has persistent symptoms and a high temperature – and was taken to hospital on the advice of his doctor.

    >The admission is said to be a precautionary rather than emergency measure.

    Edit – yeah I doubt *any* government would outright admit if their leader’s condition had deteriorated severely. At least not right away so as to not destabilise things.

    Hopefully it really is just a precaution though.

  7. They probably were doing basic tests already, or collecting samples, in Downing Street. It is a bit ominous that it is a test needing to be done in a hospital. Oxygen levels?

  8. An American here with very little knowledge of how the UK government works, if Johnson dies in office, what happens afterward? Who takes over? Is it immediate or is there a vote within his party to replace him? Or is there a complete and total public election?

  9. Maybe this will be a wakeup call for those that still believe this is a hoax. If it kills a world leader it absolutely *can* kill you. You’re not going to get better care than the UK’s PM.

    *Edited so that people will stop messaging me. Please go do something else with your life other than correct grammar on an off the cuff reddit comment.*

  10. My father and his partner were both ill for ten days before being taken to hospital. He is currently recovering but she is on a ventilator having a bumpy ride, and had underlying health problems. Though she has improved slightly today. They are both 60.

  11. A shame that the positive, calming message of The Queen loses its effect with this breaking news. I think she gave the kind of speech people need to hear in times of a crisis, but finding out the PM has been admitted to hospital sinks the hope a bit. I hope better days come for the UK (and the world, of course) soon.

  12. I want a Thick Of It season dedicated to Brexit and Corona. Malcom Tucker trying to sort everything out all cranky. Dang I miss that show.

  13. My uncle just died today and my dad is now on %100. Not expected to make it. This shit is real. Please stay home.

  14. While I disagree with his politics I really hope he gets better soon.

  15. In the event of his death, not that I would wish it, Dominic Raab would take over. This should scare anyone.

  16. It is funny how they just suddenly decided to test Trump again and keep him away from others after all this time. You would think after he tested negative the first time keeping him away from anyone should have been a priority given his age. It shouldn’t be that difficult to watch over 1 guy.

  17. Surely, they wouldn’t take *anybody* into hospital unless they absolutely needed it there and then. With the pressure already on London Hospitals, the last thing they need is the pressure of security and heaven knows who else.

    From the little that leaks out, London hospitals must be the last place you’d send anyone who isn’t in dire need for fear of them picking up whatever they haven’t already got.

  18. Does this mean Dominic Raab is in charge?

  19. Even the Prime Minister with the best health care in the UK isn’t immune.. Hope he pulls through.

  20. Vague news titles usually mean shits going down

  21. Just watched BBC 10 o’clock news and they didn’t even lead with this. 10 minutes on the Queens speech first. Definitely downplaying this.

  22. From the BBC article:

    > On Saturday, his pregnant partner Carrie Symonds tweeted that she has spent a week in bed with the main symptoms.

    > She said she had not been tested for the virus.

    I find it really odd that his pregnant wife is still with him. Or if she’s not, and is separated from him, why she hasn’t been tested yet when they confirmed his infection 10 days ago. That’s really strange.

  23. I hope this is a wakeup call to the seriousness of this.

  24. He hadn’t looked great on his videos after being diagnosed. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. This virus is completely indiscriminate

  25. Supposedly just for additional tests – hard to know how serious his condition is now.

  26. I don’t agree with the bloke but I wish him all the best. These are bad times for us all.

  27. I’ve pretty much always hated Boris Johnson, but never enough to wish him actual harm. I sincerely hope he recovers soon.

    Meanwhile, hopefully having the PM hospitalised will be the wake up call that finally reaches the idiots flouting the lockdown and distancing orders or claiming its “just the flu”.

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