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Boris Johnson adviser quits over race and eugenics controversy | Politics

Boris Johnson adviser quits over race and eugenics controversy | Politics

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  1. The proliferation of fascists in positions of power and/or advisement in world governments previously considered to be democratic and/or republic in their leanings is astounding in this timeline of the 2010s+. (Something in the air, water, food system … or has hate and the drive for dominance just emerged upswing in the *natural course* of events?)

  2. Quits? Fucker should have been fired.

  3. Well there’s your problem, mate. Learn from America. Double down on it, act as if it’s obviously the right thing. /s

  4. lol, he’s 27.

    I guess he couldn’t superforecast that broaching that topic wouldn’t end well…

  5. Should never be hired, you would have thought a vetting process would have identified this, if there is a vetting process.

  6. Many of this guy’s views on what is essentially eugenics are understandably troubling, but I don’t understand why they’ve thrown in some of his other comments. It is commonly accepted that intelligence does have a genetic component and that in the United States black Americans *do* score lower on IQ testing. The only region of uncertainty on the later point is what the cause of this discrepancy is. This seems to be a part of a larger movement in media lately to blur the lines between fake news and inconvenient truths.

  7. Boris be like: It’s ok, I’ll make sure you maintain your salary. I always believed everything you said. That’s why you were my aid.

  8. Yep. Some lovely and competent folks in that administration.

  9. But at least they didn’t vote in Jeremy Corbyn who famously hates Jews

  10. So i don’t buy the pro-social shit but if you’re living on benefits in the uk, and assuming its going to be a permanent thing with no job options/qualifications, i do think it should be untrendy for you to have more than 1 kid. You’re not going to be providing a quality of life or opportunity.

  11. What?! Their racists have to quit when called out?

    Morherfucking Steven Miller

  12. I watched a debate about this topic the other day, and there was an interesting question raised. If it were accepted that black people were genetically less intelligent on average, then would we need more affirmative action, or less?

    On one hand, if black people are simply less intelligent on average and that explains the income and success disparity, then there is no unfair disadvantage to compensate for. At the same time, if black people were objektively less intelligent, then that in itself would be an objective disadvantage that might need to be compensated for.

  13. FYI, for those of us not in the UK, No 10 or Number 10 refers to 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister. Analogous to the White House for the US.

    Found the article super confusing until I looked that up :p

  14. Why the fuck does that article keep referring to “No 10”?

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