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Boris Johnson adviser: ‘Very real racial differences in intelligence’

Boris Johnson adviser: ‘Very real racial differences in intelligence’

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  1. I can’t imagine any academic, for the last 40 years, actually researching IQ variation across cultural and geographic areas world wide (let’s not try defining race). There is no outcome which wouldn’t doom a career and eliminate any chance of tenure. As for tenured staff – they’re just not that brave.

    His appeal to academic research has got to be hollow.

  2. I’m more concerned about the effect of reddit on IQ.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://news.sky.com/story/number-10-adviser-andrew-sabisky-very-real-racial-differences-in-intelligence-11936334) reduced by 90%. (I’m a bot)
    > A Number 10 adviser facing growing calls to be sacked over his past remarks also appeared to suggest MPs should pay attention to the "Debate" around "Very real racial differences in intelligence" when considering immigration controls, Sky News can reveal.

    > Rew Sabisky has been employed as a Number 10 aide following a call by Dominic Cummings – Prime Minister Boris Johnson's chief adviser – for "Misfits and weirdos" to apply for jobs in Downing Street.

    > Downing Street did not comment, with a spokesperson for Mr Johnson repeatedly refusing to say whether or not the prime minister agreed with Mr Sabisky's purported views.

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  4. He just hilariously disproved his own point.

    [“Stupid is as stupid does.”](https://youtu.be/tldGgGFe194)

  5. Genetic variation is real and the world is not a fair place.

  6. It seems anyone whose primary source of news media is owned by Murdoch becomes a moron. Regardless of race.

  7. If you’re a rational human being with any semblance of knowledge about population genetics, you would understand and hopefully be willing to admit that the very existence of significant racial stratification of the human species requires a difference in intelligence. There are absolutely cultural factors at play as well, but there is zero chance that the cognition of different races is on average identical despite each race being subject to markedly different selection pressures over hundreds or thousands of generations.

  8. Just throw dude under the bus and move on. Why refuse to comment on it? What’s the holdup? It’s just an aide, what does he have over you? This is an obvious “sorry mate, we gotta get you out of here and into something else less public, you understand”

  9. I can guarantee that the SJW mods are going on a banning spree when they wake up to this.

  10. Nice. Soon they’ll be talking about the great replacement and white genocide.

  11. Oh Lord. Not this mess AGAIN.

  12. There are observable physiological difference between races so differences in average IQ are potentially credible. But I don’t see much use in following up in that area. Normally I’m pretty un-PC, but I don’t think its great to publicize something like ‘so and so race is lower IQ’. It’s not something you can solve and would be demoralizing to people of that race who hear about it.

  13. Look at lists of Nobel Prize winners in the Sciences.

    Then look what group, despite their miniscule number in the world, has a vastly outsized impact.

    Arguing this group was ‘privileged’ and that’s why they won in the 20th century would be kind of crazy, considering how they were persecuted and industrially slaughtered.

  14. IQ is genetic and races are gene clusters.

    Any study on IQ on the scale of twin studies seperated at birth has shown the results to be no different than if the same person took the test twice.

    Any study on environmental impactsncan show only that people can have a temporary buff or nerf prior to adulthood based on who is raising them, but at adulthood they leave the control of their guardians and IQ will settle where their DNA predestines them to.

    In short IQ is genetic. Environment and nurture do not effect IQ beyond childhood and any gains from being raised by high IQ peers and guardians discipate as you leave their control and have freedom.

    That said, good luck to any idiot trying to craft the millionth study to prove otherwise. Science does not care about your political correctness and will infact show you that IQ, much like any other trait, is genetic.

    Just as creationists debate evolution and say it exists on the micro scale and not on the macro, morons in this comment section will say IQ DNA links exist on the individual scale but not on the macro (populations, races) scale.

    Maybe admit the obvious and admit that dumb people are dumb. Dumb families are dumb. Etc.

  15. Different breeds of dogs are smarter than others. That has to be genetic. Now what is special about humans that would make our intelligence immune to genetics?

  16. Well if you measure IQ in devastated third world countries with dysfunctional education systems it stands to reason ppl there will score lower, nothing to do with race, moreso with the effects of colonialism. It once again fills me with disgust when people equate the value of someone or a race with IQ, just another way for a banal, garden variety of asshole to label and put people into a box, stripping them of their humanity. Also consider the enormous impact African culture has had on Western culture for the last hundred years and the accomplishments of Africans and African Americans. Despite the absolutely sickening bigotry they face, perpetuated by pond scum like BoJo and his adviser, they punch waaaay above their weight, amazing god like musicians like Tosin Abasi, incredible actors, athletes, writers etc. A lot of the comments on this thread are a smokescreen for racism, deny and downvoted away.

  17. Sounds like the average Redditor

  18. By god, he’s right! He looks stopped as hell.

  19. This seems like an interesting topic and I hope to follow it.

    I shan’t be consuming further from sky given how blatantly they are decontextualising this persons statements for the sake of tricking morons.

    Oh look, reddit, ever the collective moron, has eaten up decontextualised headlines again.

    It is comical how little commenters know about this situation with madness such as varied intelligence , or one highly voted moron talking about how Chinese wouldn’t be intelligent in preventing frostbite (?!?) showing complete ignorance towards the basic concept of intelligence or IQ.

    I literally don’t know why I go on this site just to see quantity defeat quality every single day at every single turn. I’m mad, you’re stupid, and both of us are worsened as a result.

  20. Well, it’s not really wrong.

  21. My own reading on the subject of Psychometrics and population differences in IQ does support the conclusion there are differences, even using culture-fair tests.

    I don’t know why this is so taboo.

  22. Of course there is a racial differences in intelligence.

    Look at the Science Nobel Prize winners.

    Look at the SAT scores categorized by race.

    Deniers are just uncomfortable with the harsh truth.

  23. He might be on to something here, English folk have been a pack of dullards for a few decades now…

  24. Here’s a news flash. Race is a social construct not a genetic fact. It’s possible for a “white” person to have more commonly shared alleles with a black person than with another white person. Genetically we are homogeneous. There is no genetic difference between races which is why there are no hybrid humans. We are one race. Period.

  25. i am shocked to tell you guys that Boris and his cronies are racist. absolutely shocked.

  26. Some dog breeds are recognized as smarter than others. They are all dogs tho

  27. Does this mean Asians are superior? I mean most of my doctor’s I’ve met are…

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