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Boris Johnson refuses to say how many children he has

Boris Johnson refuses to say how many children he has

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  2. To be fair, his kids probably don’t want to claim him either.

  3. To be fair, he probably doesn’t even know how many he has.

  4. He’s a lot like Trump, except Trump refuses to say how many abortions he’s paid for.

  5. My question is where do people like Trump and Johnson find willing partners. Apparently I underestimate money and the power of spewing bs.

  6. Why does Boris Johnson always look like a sweaty, forgotten muppet? Shouldn’t the PM have a stylist that helps him look actually presentable or something?

  7. „Mister Johnson, whats your hobby?“

    *Quick Boris, think, what’s a normal thing to do?* „I ugh… take… boxes and I… paint? Them like ugh… a bus? Busses! I paint boxes to make them look like busses.“ *You‘re a genius!*

    „Mister Johnson, may I ask, how many children do you have?“

    *Quick Boris, think about the most normal number of times a human can reproduce* „FUCK YOU MATE I AM NOT TELLING YOU!“ *Phew dodged that one.*

    Edit: Spelling…

  8. Wait now his current partner was born in 1988? Man I’d feel bad for my friends across the pond in the UK but we’ve got our own Boris here in the States that we’re trying to work through.

  9. How can this POS be poised to win!?

  10. Putin really knows how to pick ’em.

  11. It’s honestly hard to tell if he’s embarrassed or literally doesn’t know.

    The man who will be our pm, God help us.

  12. This guy makes your average politician-psychopath look like a respectable human being.

  13. This dude has the same hair cut as my mop.

  14. Tfw conservatives standing up for family values means shitting on the single moms they left behind

  15. Who the fuck cares about this drivel? Can we talk about how he expects to sell your nhs out to our American fuckwit private insurance firms? All the rest of this cunt’s faux pas are nothing.

  16. He doesn’t know himself

  17. I don’t get it. Why? It’s like the other post about him saying that he’s literally never ever lied in his political career? Why say that? Why refuse to answer how many kids you’ve got? It just makes him like an utter, and total kook? Anyone, I’d have thought, with half a brain would just say how many kids they’ve got, and depending on the answer spin it to look good, or just admit that they lied because it makes them seem so much more human, and relatable. This just makes him look like a weirdo. So, why do it?

  18. Seriously,who’d ever consider screwing that!?

  19. I believe he honestly doesn’t know how many.

  20. That son of a bitch refuses to say anything. What a coward

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