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Boris Johnson says veganism is a ‘crime against cheese-lovers’

Boris Johnson says veganism is a ‘crime against cheese-lovers’

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  1. But… that means more cheese for the cheese lovers

    We are talking about people that *eat* cheese right

  2. Other world leaders: imminent world war crisis, the world is on fire

    Borris: I LoVe CHeEsE

  3. Why are right wingers so triggered by the existence of vegans?

    I eat meat nearly daily and vegans are fine by me. I’ve had some amazing vegan meals.

  4. His opinion is no gouda.

  5. Speaking as a cheese lover, Boris Johnson can go fuck himself.

  6. He’s not wrong.

    His hair is a crime against hair lovers though.

  7. How (And more importantly why) the fuck is this on the front page of reddit in World News? Read the article, it’s a complete and utter non-story.

    This sub may as well be renamed ‘World-divided’ because that’s all it is aimed at doing. Encouraging divide by pushing totally irrelevant nonsense like this.

  8. So did he commit a real crime and wants to water down Google search results with his name and “crime” in it?

  9. He’s also a crime against the UK

  10. He hides serious issues and attitudes behind his “humour”…you can get away with saying anything if you are perceived to be “only joking”.

  11. People is veganism because they don’t want to eat animal products, so why they are commiting a ‘crime’ against cheese-lovers? Not everyone love the cheese.

  12. God bless the cheesemakers

  13. Still can’t believe this clown got voted in.

  14. just yesterday i saw a post from the r/india subreddit that equated choice of diet with the caste system of hindus (i.e. if you are vegetarian, that proves you are a bigot). i think diet is going to be the next linguistic minefield. “you don’t eat burgers? you are a far right wing nazi hitler lover!”

  15. Vegetarianism is great. Veganism is just hypocritical moralizing arbitrary lines.

    Ever wonder how many vegans keep pets? Supporting the same animal abuse meat industry so that they can feed their good doggo?

    Less living entities are killed or harmed making a pound of cheese than a vegan salad.

    People aren’t triggered by the existence of vegans, just bothered by the blatant hypocrisy as loud mouthed militant vegans who try to act like they are morally superior.

    Maybe they should be happy when people increase their consumption of meat alternatives even if they still eat some meat. Maybe focus on bringing better standards to the dairy industry so that you can eat some cheese guilt free.

    But no it’s an all or nothing world and you have to be the loudest and most hateful to be right. Maybe if you are a vegan you can just shut up and choose your own food quietly and no one will actually bother you. Don’t be bearded hair bun Jeff from sales who throws a hissy fit because someone brought in a regular cake in the kitchen to share and you can’t rationalize eating a cruelty free cage free egg in it.

  16. I’m a meat eater, but I respect vegans. I just hate existence too much to give up cheese and steak. Fuck Boris Johnson.

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