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Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly furious with China and believes it could have 40 times more coronavirus cases than it claims

Boris Johnson’s government is reportedly furious with China and believes it could have 40 times more coronavirus cases than it claims

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  1. > UK government officials say there’ll be “reckoning” for China over its handling of the coronavirus..

    “I **reckon** you’ll have to give us a bigger discount on that there 5G network, pardner…”

  2. Corona Virus just became 40 times more important to Boris Johnson

  3. This is Business Insider quoting DailyMail? What is this garbage?

    Edit: an anonymous source from DailyMail at that.

  4. He had over a month warning and did nothing

  5. Everyone with at least two brain cells to scrub together is furious with China’s government for a variety of reasons. They hid the original outbreak, they tried to downplay the original outbreak, they threatened scientists and doctors for speaking out, and yes in all likelihood they are lying about the number of cases and deaths due to the outbreak.

  6. I mean it’s not wrong to want change and answers from China regarding this. But this asshat up until the final minute was claiming UK was business as normal. Fuck all the politicians using the source as a scapegoat for their inactions and lack of care to understand the situation. The richest countries and their corporations brought to their knees with two months notice, fuck them all.

  7. All these world leaders can be furious and righly so, but China was shutting down their entire manufacturing sector late February and we still had politicians saying it was fine nothing to worry about. Very few countries were doing shit about it at the time. Xi, Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, et al are all guilty as sin of endangering their own people.

    Edit: early January

  8. “China didn’t warn us soon enough”

    And let’s ignore the fact that we knew back in January that Covid 19 was a serious threat and yet world leaders did nothing until it was an out of control crisis.

  9. In the thick of the Pandemic, Boris proudly stated, “I’m very pleased to tell you all, I have been shaking everyone’s hands at the hospital.” Two weeks later he is diagnosed with having the Corona Virus. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is an Arsehole.

  10. Being furious isn’t going to help us now. Let’s first focus on ending the pandemic, and after that point fingers

  11. just imagine if they issued a travel ban coming in and going to china the minute they heard of what’s going on there back in december/january. but no. everybody dithered.

  12. The Chinese gave ample warning, by the measures that they were taking, that this was a serious issue. I also find it hard to believe that MI6 and the CIA weren’t fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and were relaying the developing situations through the proper chains of command. This whole, “China didn’t tell us” attitude is laughable.

    It’s our attitudes of invincibility and culture built on greed in the west that is our downfall. For example, the markets were still hitting records while whole regions within China were shut down and very serious supply chain difficulties were becoming evident.

    [Basically what has happened.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phrkHrMUglE)

  13. Oh please, there was 500+ million people all of the world telling you it was a Pandemic and you refused to listen, downplayed it, and tried to protect yourselves and the markets instead of listening to reason. Even when it was in your country spreading out of control you laughed and talked about herd immunity, just go to work, it’s a bad flu.

    and BOOM.. here we are.

    I’m not a scientists and I knew that it China quarantined that many people, it’s a pandemic! You need to use ALL your brains, not just the part the produces the outcomes that some rich assholes want. You went with only using the rich asshole side of your brain and THIS is what happened.

    2020 the year the economy stood still

  14. We started hearing about this in late December and nobody did anything. We knew a lot more in early January and nobody did anything. China certainly has more cases than it is reporting, but our own responses are on us.

  15. Boris Johnson’s country should be furious with him for suggesting herd immunity 1 week already deep into the problem.

    Blame China what you want, but S Korea, Japan and Taiwan knew what to do. Germany took the right steps even though it crept up fast on them.

    The Western World’s “leaders” US-TRUMP and UK-BORIS bumbled this like the pair of bush-haired idiots they are. Both should ROAST and be taken out the captain’s seats.

  16. It claims positive tests, not cases.

    Where exactly does he think they got 40 times as many testkits during the peak of their epidemic?

  17. The whole worlds been distracted because China has money in it’s right hand and a knife in it’s left. Guess which one everyone’s looking at?

  18. Chinese doctors first noticed clusters of patients with pneumonia like symptoms and late December. They conducted a field study and told WHO about their suspicions on December 31st. The Wuhan Health Commission also released a statement at the same time. On the very same day, the Hong Kong government told its doctors to keep their eyes out for symptoms. Macau and Taiwan had screening procedures in place by the next day. We knew about this in early January; you’re delusional if you think global leaders didn’t know before the public. They chose not to act, and that’s not China’s fault.

    The whole information suppression thing during the early weeks of January (Li Wenliang, etc.)? Yeah, it happened. Maybe people in China didn’t know about the virus, but we sure as hell did, and Boris Johnson and Trump sure as hell did. Keep in mind that because of the long incubation period Chinese doctors didn’t observe human to human transmission until mid January. As soon as they did, they shut down the entire city. I think there’s a lot of hindsight bias coloring our judgement of the actions of the Wuhan government. It was a completely new virus that no one knew anything about, perhaps they just didn’t want information getting out and causing a panic driven mass exodus of people who may or may not already be infected with the unknown virus. You think global governments aren’t prepared now (after 3 months of time to prepare) imagine how much worse it would have been if the people of Wuhan fled around the world in January.

  19. The Chinese government is 100% lying and heavily downplaying its numbers, their cover up caused the virus to go global in the first place. At the same time, some world leaders like Boris and Trump had plenty of time to prepare for the virus, yet downplayed it even after it reached their doorsteps

  20. I’m just one person with access to the internet, how the fuck do I know more about this pandemic than Boris fucking Johnson? Of course the Chinese numbers weren’t accurate, they made no secret of the fact they only tested people who came into hospital. It has been common knowledge for weeks now that a lot of people are asymptomatic. So yes of course there were more cases than reported. In the uk we have one of the lowest testing rates in the world so how about Boris fixes that first so my family don’t die. Oh and go back to the EU and say yes to the ventilators they’re offering so my family don’t die. Christ the UK government makes me angry. They’ve had months to prepare and they’re still sending nurses out in bin bags and whining about what China did.

  21. Wow! Now that he has the Coronavirus he’s furious! When it was other people, not so much.

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