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Brazilian gangsters impose curfew as President Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a ‘little flu’

Brazilian gangsters impose curfew as President Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a ‘little flu’

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  1. >Drug traffickers in one of Rio de Janeiro’s best-known favelas have imposed a coronavirus curfew, amid growing fears over the impact the virus could have on some of Brazil’s poorest citizens.

    >In recent days, as Brazil’s coronavirus death toll has climbed to 46, gang members have been circulating in the Cidade de Deus (City of God) favela in western Rio ordering residents to remain indoors after 8pm.

    An interesting case study in state power and how some non-state actors undermine it taking over a similar role for themselves.

  2. Jair Bolsonaro is a little man

  3. Technically, Brazilian gangster are called “milícia” while drug dealers are just drug dealers

  4. Jair has the bug

    Maybe things will turn out for the better

  5. “Maybe I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore” – Brazilian Gangsters

  6. A “curfew” that lasts just overnight won’t help much, but a stay in place order would. It was not really clear in this article which it is.

  7. Kid in a Brazilian pod-racer: Now THIS is libertarianism!

  8. Wouldn’t it be easier for the gangsters to just get rid of the president?

  9. “We’re not here to die” – Gangster

  10. “gangster” what a funny name to call assholes drug dealers, rapists that kills anyone that opose to them 🙂

    Don’t give those “favelas” leaders any credit, they are bunch of thieves who destroy our country from inside.

  11. Why are authoritarians litterally the worst administrators? Fucking gangs run this shit better than this insecure tyrants.

  12. Imagine having to rely on druglords to slow the spread of the virus.

    Makes you think what kind of fucking moron the Brazilian president is.

    This is the weirdest, most surreal timeline ever possible.

  13. He’s shooting himself and his political party in the foot so hard.

  14. An example of the official violent gang being usurped by the unofficial, other violent gangs.

  15. Just because you are bad guy, doesn’t mean you have to be bad guy.

  16. Wow, I don’t think I ever expected to read a headline like this.

  17. Yeah cuz you can’t have you customers dying from a pandemic. Coronavirus is probably affecting their bottom dollar.

  18. Jesus Christ the favela gangsters are more concerned about people’s lives than Bolsanaro. Good job putting him in office Brazil. Dude who’s whole thing seems to be “fuck you to all non-conservatives and also I’m gonna burn down the Amazon so my cronies can get rich”

  19. TIL Brazilian gangsters have both brains and balls

  20. what the fuck is going on in the World, when the underbelly and unsavory characters of your society, have to step in to ensure that your country’s citizens remain healthy and safe.

    a Hollywood script, come to life.

  21. Give me a Pornhub/Brazilian gangster New World Order 2020 ticket, fuck it.

  22. How can people think this is good? It might be a necessary evil, but it’s in no way good, you’re speaking of murderers. No amount of social conscience could ever change the fact that they beat, kill, explore children, rob and torture in the most gruesome ways, and a lot of victims are civilians. But hey, if you think a brutal beating would be the right response for stepping outside of your home regardless of context, maybe you deserve to experience it instead of speaking about it online…

  23. On the other hand organised crime Lord modiji is asking ppl to clap the shit out of their hands.

  24. I love a world where the strongman leaders are the vilians and the mobs save the country

  25. Just because they have to show force to keep their territory in a world of people who will show force, and run things that most people deem to be unsavory, doesn’t mean they aren’t people with compassion and self concern, they probably are worried about their friends, families, selves, and business ties. It doesn’t mean they are nice people, but they are people who have the same thoughts as anyone else, they just live in a world where violence is a requirement to succeed for most people.

  26. when I read about Bolsonaro I immediately thought that a favela is a place where the virus would spread like mad, causing so many casualties. Brazil is in real danger



    What now? Did they decide to take back that saying over militias in Rio de Janeiro?

  28. well if the president wont…

  29. Don’t get me wrong. Part of me really wants to cheer on these “gangsters” for trying to do something good. The problem is… actually, there are two problems:

    1. It’s still wrong to beat the shit out of people¹, and terrorize a community².
    2. Driving around in packs and putting your hands on people makes *you* the disease vector³, dipshits.

    ¹ Yes, there are exceptions to this. No, “you are out past 8pm” is not one of them, even during a deadly pandemic.

    ² No exceptions to this.

    ³ Unless, of course they’re planning on shooting people.

  30. Stop fucking around and end bolsanero.

  31. Then all is ok, it works. Isn’t Bolsonaro a criminal just as well?

  32. Just a bunch of Good Fellas.

  33. they should try that in USA- magically cases will go down

  34. Even gangsters and drug dealers care more about your health than your president.

  35. Just because you are a bad guy, doesn’t mean you are bad…guy.

  36. come to the US please.

  37. that’s drugdealer whitewashing. curfew is for doing their illegal logistics. They are the most horrible people there

  38. These people should get some sort of merit by WHO for this. Seem to be the only form of cultural leadership that are actually placing their people before leveraging their own political agenda.

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