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Brazilian police fly a helicopter to create a sandstorm and chase people off a beach to enforce coronavirus lockdown

Brazilian police fly a helicopter to create a sandstorm and chase people off a beach to enforce coronavirus lockdown

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  2. I hope they blasted some Darude

  3. >Meanwhile, organised crime gangs are enforcing their own coronavirus lockdown in Rio de Janeiro by ordering people to obey a curfew.

    >Threatening messages which circulated in the city’s notorious favelas warn that gangsters will teach people to ‘respect’ an 8pm shutdown, Brazilian media says.

    This part was more interesting tbh.

  4. We were on the sand when a rescue helicopter suddenly arrived to save somebody in deathly peril. It was ***extremely*** repulsive.

  5. Modern problems require modern solutions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Another post had a video. I’m sure the sandblast wasn’t pleasant, but I’d say the guy hanging out the back with a rifle did more to move folks along.

  7. Okay but Daily Mail links can fuck off.

  8. That site actually tried to give my phone cancer.

    Really some weird open-in dialogue that looked sketchy as hell. First time I’ve seen that type of thing outside a desktop.

    Happened about half way skimming down the article.

  9. There is literally no one on that beach.. They are social distancing just fine.

  10. Hey Florida…take a look.

  11. Haven’t people seen enough horror movies in regards to outbreaks? >_>

  12. Let’s take it a step further.


  13. Beach goers: ignore lockdown
    Brizilian police: I’m gonna do what’s called a pro-gamer move

  14. What assholes, it was 2 fucking people. I was expecting to see a whole crowded beach party get propwashed off the shore and back to their cars but this was 2 people just laying on an otherwise empty beach. Humans need to go outside sometimes and its not inherently unsafe. Go fly over fucking ipanema or copacabana.

  15. Website’s a bigger mess than the actual rag.

  16. They should have done that on Ft Lauderdale beach spring breakers. Bunch of fucking drunk morons.

  17. Show the video! It’s one couple on a completely empty beach backed by forest. It was disturbing and completely unnecessary. Getting fresh air and sunlight boosts your immune system and I’d bet they were farther away from other people than anyone indoors. Imprisonment w/o sun or air and keeping your distance are not the same thing.

  18. This was appalling. There was practically no-one on that beach and they were all like 50 yards apart from each other. Absolutely no harm being done. This was an extreme overreaction

  19. I’ve been blasted with rotor wash on a beach a few times and it definitely isn’t fun. The beaches I was working all had coarse gravely sand that doesn’t blow that far, I imagine with enough fines in the sand it might even be hard to breathe.

  20. That’s pretty silly. Looking at the video, there’s like a handful of people there, hundreds of meters apart, and they’re going out of their way to drive them elsewhere…

  21. Do this here in south Florida please

  22. Wise use of resources, that.

  23. This is near my house. It’s happening all the time. Our state locked everyone home but still some motherfuckers think it’s vacation!

  24. Sounds like a civil war between Bolsonaro and sane people.

    How can the police and Bolsonaro do conflicting things? or is that how Brazil do?

  25. Is this considered to be impolite, or are the people on the beach darude ones?

  26. Just bring in Roseanne to sing the national anthem and people will leave faster

  27. Article describes it was outlawed to gather in groups, video shows helicopter chasing away groups of two people. Would imagine there’s a better way to go about it.

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