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Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro says coronavirus crisis is a media trick

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro says coronavirus crisis is a media trick

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  1. I guess he’s never opened a history book and looked at other cases like this one.

  2. So…how long before he tests positive for Coronavirus? It just seems that irony is working overtime these days.

  3. Cool. Maybe the Don will follow his lead. It’s totally made up, keep shaking those hands

  4. Isn’t this the guy who also claims environmentalists are setting the Amazon on fire, not the cattle ranchers?

  5. How are these inept morons elected to oversee entire systems of government?

    Trump, Bolsonaro and the guy from Australia all sound like they were educated by third grade dropouts. Holy shit. Idiocracy, for real.

  6. Puta que o pariu, que vergonha! Que desserviço!

  7. Sure yeah that makes sense, hey is that Brazil I smell burning?

  8. So what section of the Brazilian society actually voted for this idiot?

  9. Someone kick this guy in the balls and the say “from trick shot to cheap shot”. How is it that the dumbest are those in charge right now??!

  10. And they said I was crazy for not voting on this guy.

    Who’s the crazy one now?????

  11. This line of logic reminds me of when people question whether acne medication is really working, because that person doesn’t have acne, so why use it?

    Unfortunately, to see what happens without the countermeasures can result in irreversible devastation.

  12. Yeah, right. “April Fools Muthafukkas….”

    If only it were true 🙁

  13. He just gave a speech on national television now, basically saying that everybody should go back to normal life. Made ironic comments about the media, and said that everybody is freaking out.

  14. The Guardian has zero integrity or credibility; they always calls Bolsonao ‘far right’ as a matter of policy but they never call Lula or Dilma ‘far left’ even though both cozied up to Castro.

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