Home / news / Brexiteer complains he has to wait in queue at EU airport: ‘This isn’t the Brexit I voted for’

Brexiteer complains he has to wait in queue at EU airport: ‘This isn’t the Brexit I voted for’

Brexiteer complains he has to wait in queue at EU airport: ‘This isn’t the Brexit I voted for’

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  2. Man what the hell were they expecting? The press told you this! Did you think they were lying because they’re liberals? Brexit is not the end of this story. It will take 10 years before everything is finalized.

    So you wanted Brexit you got it!


    Newsflash, Clive, you ARE a foreigner to them now. Should’ve paid closer attention to what you were voting for, ya fucking bucket.

  4. What the fuck did you vote for? That Britain would keep all its privilages while the rest of EU would lose theirs?

    This guy is a straight up fucking moron.

  5. You voted for isolationism, nationalism and inefficiency. This is what it looks like, man.

  6. I think we’ll be hearing those words a lot over the next 5 years…

  7. “I didn’t vote to *leave* the EU, I’d voted to “leave” the EU!”

  8. Ignorant American here (apologies in advance).

    But isn’t this whole Brexit thing going to seriously fuck up your import/export? How bad of a hit will your economy take from this?

  9. The UK is currently in a transition period with the EU. During this period, the arrangement at customs etc are **exactly the same as they were before the UK left the EU.**

    The UK’s departure from the EU therefore **cannot be the reason** for any lengthy queues at customs until the end of the transition period.

    As the article states, this is likely a parody account, or the tweeter is incorrectly ascribing a long wait to Brexit when it cannot possible be the cause.

  10. Enjoy that buyer’s remorse, dipshits.

  11. A Reddit post about a news article about a tweet by some random guy, /r/worldnews material indeed.

  12. The delays had nothing to do with Brexit.

    The guy is an idiot or a troll.

    This should not be on worldnews. This isn’t even news at all.

  13. How is this even news worthy?

  14. Just … LOL. Obviously, he voted for Brexit ’cause he wanted to ‘stick it to someone responsible”, sad things is, he found out it was folks like him.

  15. This wasn’t even because of brexit. It was a staff training day at the airport, so there we less people working the cue than usual leading to longer lines.

    This is a non-story. Literally a man being upset over an normal occurrence thinking it was the thing that will happen next year. And somebody thought this was worth writing in the paper.

    >A spokesperson for Schiphol(*the airport*) told The Independent there had been no changes for British travellers arriving at the airport.

    >”New Royal Netherlands Marrechaussee staff members were being trained yesterday, leading to longer queues at the passport control than usual,” the spokesperson said, adding that there would be no further changes while negotiations are ongoing between the UK and EU.

  16. There’s suggestions floating around that the guy that complained is a bot account.

    And that bot has done its job remarkably well.


    Its such a painfully obvious propaganda account that it’s almost laughable that both the Independant reported on it and the entirety of reddit has been stirred up and sheeped by it.

  17. One dumb guy said one dumb thing let’s make a headline out of it.

  18. What a trash headline and article .

  19. One idiot has an idiotic opinion – This isn’t news

  20. An actual article in one of the nation’s biggest news paper amounts to “Guy on twitter says something stupid” and people just jump at the opportunity to voice their hatred/genius and were not instead going to talk about this fucking awful journalism?

    Reddit is peak circle jerk at the moment. It’s like visiting some boring right wingers Facebook, a stale echo chamber.

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