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Britain sets new daily record for wind generation, topping 44% of country’s electricity consumption

Britain sets new daily record for wind generation, topping 44% of country’s electricity consumption

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  1. Article is from a week ago. The record will likely be broken again today. [Stats for today are currently at 47.2%](https://electricinsights.co.uk/#/dashboard?start=2020-02-16)

    It’s exceptionally windy all over Northern Europe at the moment: http://meteox.com/forecastloop.aspx?type=2

    Germany’s public electricity production for example is [60% wind energy today](https://energy-charts.de/energy_pie.htm?year=2020&month=2&day=16)

  2. I’m not surprised this weekend. I swear I’ve just seen a cat flying past my second floor window.

  3. Do they have to shutdown generating wind turbines above a certain airspeed threshold?

  4. I went to Brighton last week for the first time and saw all those offshore turbines.. cool as fuck.

  5. The old switcheroo of global warming. We get worse weather but ironically it means we can switch to 100% wind power because of 24/7 storms.

  6. Not surprised, the weather has been shit recently

  7. I wonder if the wind cancer rates are up as well. /s

  8. I can’t believe the comments on this subreddit, there is so much negativity and over cynicism on litterally ever single news article. This is amazing news that green energy is making such an impact and there are people who go “Yeah, the weather’s been dogshit lately.” It seems is there so much pessimism that if cancer was cured the negativity would still fill the comments section.

  9. And you can monitor how much, live, on this interesting site – [https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/](https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/)

    Note how reliant we are on coal and gas still.

  10. That’s super cool. Like it or not fossil fuels are on the way out. Slow as it may be though.

  11. meanwhile here in Denmark we are currently sitting at 130%


  12. And here I am with my girlfriend claiming I hold the record for daily wind generation!

  13. I love reading brit conversations!

  14. Anyone get cancer from the noise yet?

  15. No Boris Johnson jokes yet? reddit is slacking today.

  16. Yeah but now they all have windmill cancer

  17. Well, that’s definitely a silver lining to the horrid weather we’ve been having recently.

  18. That’s great.

    The human species is still increasing our emissions, not lowering them.

    So good for Britain, they’ve raised them a little less.

  19. Sadly, it does not matter at all what the best day/week/month was for renewables. What matters is the worst hour of the year.

  20. This is great and all but whilst this kind of wind is becoming more common: this is pretty exceptional, wind is already a good source of energy here but the weather we are having rn is crazy. I’m regularly trapped in London on a Sunday after visiting my parents because the storms keep completely shutting down south western services.

  21. It’s all coming from BoJo’s mouth.

  22. What’s the difference between Britain the UK and England

  23. Such a shame. All the poor souls are going to get cancer now. They should’ve followed the US’s example and doubled down on safe clean coal.

  24. You’ve got to love how us Brits can have a right laugh at ourselves in times of mild desperation.

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