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Britain to make social media platforms responsible for harmful content

Britain to make social media platforms responsible for harmful content

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  1. So they’re not platforms then. They’re publishers.

  2. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-tech-regulation/uk-to-make-social-media-platforms-responsible-for-harmful-content-idUSKBN2060Q7) reduced by 83%. (I’m a bot)
    > LONDON – Britain said it would force social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Snap to do more to block or remove harmful content on their platforms.

    > Germany introduced tough regulations on social media in 2018, which can see platforms fined if they do not review and remove illegal content within 24 hours of it being posted.

    > Packer said the proposals announced on Wednesday moved away from the previous debate about whether social media companies should be classified as 'publishers', and therefore subject to libel and other laws, and focused instead on making platforms responsible for the systems they had in place to deal with harmful content.

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  3. I bet Snap was just happy to be included in a list of social platforms.

  4. britain cops called discord “chat for hackers” and virtual OS as “system which you can use to hide something”. nutters

  5. So they just want the EU law after they left. Fun times.

  6. One of the most Orwellian countries on the planet has an issue with the most Orwellian corporation on the planet.

  7. This sounds eerily similar to the ‘article 13’ they weren’t going to implement, doesn’t it?

  8. Off the back of this are car makers going to be made responsible for bad drivers?

    Are CEO’s of gun makers going to go to jail when there is a shooting?

    If I write a strongly worded letter will the delivery service get punished for delivering it?

    This is about the moronic users and bad people in all walks of life using social media to be assholes. your not going to stop these people by making accounts easyer to report or whatever. People are just shitheads when they are behind the cloak of a keyboard.

  9. Remember the great British firewall? They are choc-a-block with terrible internet policies. This too will die, if it doesn’t social media companies will just up and leave. Can you imagine being legally liable for policing the actions of every Briton online as well as anyone pretending to be one?

    No amount of ad revenue is worth that.

  10. “to tackle harmful content such as child abuse, cyber bullying and terrorist propaganda. ”

    I think it’s ok for the govt and companies to monitor child abuse but the latter two are grey areas cos definitions can vary based on the current ruling party in a democratic country.
    Very often in a democracy rivals accuse each other of the latter two.

  11. Better hush about climate change or you’re banned.

  12. If they did this in Australia “harmful” would be anything that goes against the current government’s agenda. Including speaking out against climate change and coal mining etc.

  13. > cyber bullying and terrorist propaganda

    Has trump’s name all over it.

  14. It’s a bit late now, the damage is done!

  15. That headline fell apart within the first few words.

  16. Will it be enforced by the same people as the porn block?

    It’s a clearly toothless threat to throw a bone to the people upset by that failing, despite that being a stupid plan from the outset.

  17. Completely unenforceable. Besides, even if they successfully train a neural network to block “harmful content”, whatever that is, it will also always block good content too. It also provides a convenient system for censoring information were they to stoop that low.

  18. I’m British and I don’t like this idea at all. What is “harmful” is subjective, and I don’t like the idea of the government being able to define what is harmful, when some of it might constitute legitimate philosophical and political beliefs, rather than gratuitous attempts to offend.

  19. What about *truthful* content?

    How’s that campaign coming along?

  20. harmful content:

    Any criticism of minorities.

    Any criticism of Islam (Islam is a race)

    Any criticism of Government services.

    Any criticism of Government officials.

    Any criticism of Government policies foreign or domestic.

  21. If they do this, the best moove for social media is to stop their service in the country.
    There’s no way of properly handling harmful content for fb, twitter &co at the moment none reallistically attainable. (Understand worth … It would probably cost more to implement than plainly stopping the service)

  22. Setting a very dangerous precedent here.

    * Who determines what is “dangerous”?
    * What is “dangerous”?
    * Which sites will this affect? (Note that most news sites allow posting by users which includes links to content)
    * How will sites be dealt with if “dangerous” content is posted and what is the process for determining guilt and appealing (if any)?
    * Is censorship of the internet really a cliff Britain wants to jump off?

    Seriously, what the actual fuck?

  23. LOL. How is that going to work? Slaps on the wrist? Fines? All the fines in the world aren’t going to stop them. They make too much money.

    Oh wait. That’s the point. Extortion.

  24. It’s so depressing reading stories like this. The internet as we know it is going to die and become a one-way feed of crap content with human communication essentially banned due to the liability of hosting it. 5 years from now will Reddit still exist?

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