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Britain wakes up to coronavirus lockdown, confusion continues

Britain wakes up to coronavirus lockdown, confusion continues

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  1. Just got this text from the government which I presume they’ve sent everyone:


    >New rules in force now: you must stay at home. More info & exemptions at gov.uk/coronavirus

    >Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

  2. Shops are still open such as vape shops and barbers. Everyone still out and about as usual. Packed trains every morning. Its a joke now tbh

  3. The advice/ instruction was still sufficiently ambiguous enough for people to perform the calculation that ‘everyone else is non essential other than me’. For such time as ‘essential’ can be interpreted as my money is essential (and in some cases it undoubtedly is) then people will run the risk

  4. This isn’t a lockdown. Most companies are still working and it’s only retail that’s been newly affected and even then, it’s very limited. My commute today was no quiet than normal. I wouldn’t be coming in but I had a message off my manager last night which forwarded from the director. I have a mortgage to pay and a 3 week old child (not living at my house due to working).

    We need the government to start a real lockdown with only being allowed out with permits as some of Europe.

    Not spreading it at a pub is a step, but then spreading it at work defeats the point entirely.

  5. How can it be a lockdown when you can go out and grab paint, bike stuff, DIY bits etc.

    He’s so far out of his depth he’s going to get people sick, and worse, dead.

  6. So I have been in Japan the past few weeks – before it really kicked off in the UK. Still there now. It’s been so crazy to watch from afar about all.
    the panic buying and nobody doing what they’re supposed to do. In Japan it’s more or less been ‘business as usual’ with the exception of earlier closures/closed on additional days for most small businesses.

    Woke up this morning to messages telling me I’ve got to come back home but the embassy here in Tokyo basically couldn’t help – there hasn’t been a specific time period as other countries have done (eg. 2-3 days we will close the border). Just told by them to do what we can.

    Rang up the airline – couldn’t change flights because the government still has its borders open so technically the flight route is still running for this Saturday (date due back). I know it’s heading for a lockdown so luckily I went to the airline office nearby and changed my flight to the next available flight for free (don’t understand why they did it no issues in the office and not over the phone – I assume too busy). If this hadn’t happened I’d have to fork out an extra £500 for a ticket back (not possible for a lot of people)

    Today highlighted to me that this government and Boris really don’t have a bloody clue about what they’re doing or how they’re confusing people inside and outside of the UK. Nobody seems to want to admit that the plan hasn’t worked or that they don’t know what to do. Their ineptitude is effecting everything from the stock market to everyday existence. Boris has this desire to be like Churchill in his leadership. He’s less of a leader than Churchill the dog.

  7. A lot of people were out for their ‘one hour of exercise’ on the beach in Devon today. I think exercise and light is important for people’s mental health, but it is concerning. At one point does it become too many people?

  8. cases can easy be multiplyed by x20 like in europe. At this point it’s all on avoiding total mass hysteria. Take care people, i wish you all the best. -with perkele from finland

  9. I’ve been talking with people in the finance sector here in the US. There is a lot of panic about stocks, investments, crypto stability, etc.

    All I can think about is how fucked the UK is going to get as you’re also contending with Brexit issues. Hooboy, you Brits are sure doing a number on yourselves.

  10. Whilst the announcement was on every news outlet yesterday, it was a pre-recorded message. He didn’t take questions and he didn’t remind us of the dangers of this virus. He’s acting like a coward who can’t insist upon us the severity of the lockdown.

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