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Britain will rejoin the EU as the younger generation will realise the country has made a terrible mistake, claims senior Brussels chief

Britain will rejoin the EU as the younger generation will realise the country has made a terrible mistake, claims senior Brussels chief

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  2. Yes I agree – I’ve heard people saying for long time this is a generational thing and we will be back in it within a decade or two.

    What shape the country will be in at that time… Who bloody knows!

  3. I doubt they’ll rejoin as the “United Kingdom” by then they’ll just be England.

  4. The EU is in need of dire reform

    But Britain could have affected that change by using its relative economic might

    If the UK does rejoin, it’ll be under singinificantly worse terms….

  5. What you do mean the younger generation will “realise” the country has made a mistake? Has this guy even seen the opinion polls by age? Wanna know how many Conservative seats there would be if only 19-24 year old voters counted?

    …4. Against a Labour 544.

    It won’t be the younger generation the realises anything, it will be the older generation that will have passed away and won’t be the voting majority.

  6. While I’d currently be in favour of rejoining, I cannot help but feel this sport of arrogant speculation is unhelpful or even dangerous.

  7. Remember when for months on end there was wall to wall coverage on r/worldnews on how the Tories would lose the recent election and article after article supporting the Labour Party? How did that election turn out? Same thing happened with Brexit

    Reddit is not reality my fellow internet strangers. This is an astroturfed leftwing echo chamber and just because I can point that out doesn’t mean I’m a right wing person.

    Edit- to all of the people telling me it was obvious in the UK the tories would win, I’m referring to the r/worldnews feed not reflecting that reality

  8. Honest question, why did the older generation that voted for brexit wanted to actually get out?

  9. If you look at younger opinion polls and the age demographic voting trends then you’ll see that the younger generation here is mostly already aware that this a terrible mistake.

  10. Can anyone explain what the benefit was supposed to be? Did Britain have an argument with someone? All I’ve ever heard for years about this was deal or no deal and I have no idea what it was initially proposed for.

  11. The over 60’s voted for brexit. The “young” voted to stay. They have voted for something that they will prolly not see the full extend and damage they have voted for. And the one who voted agaisnt are going to be the victim of it.

  12. I think you mean England, Scotland ain’t taking that shit

  13. Reddit is so disconnected from reality that I’m gonna go ahead an say this is BS. Reddit seriously thought the Tories didn’t have a chance, they mopped the floor.

  14. Well, if they decide to rejoin it’s going to be the full package. Schengen, euro, everything.

    They shot themselves in the foot with Brexit. Also, Brexit is bad for the other EU countries too, in economic terms, so I don’t see them rejoining in the next few decades.

  15. >Used car salesman says people should buy more used cars

  16. People feel comfortable with what they know. Older people remember life before the EU, and can recall all the tensions, broken promises and arguments that our membership has involved over the decades. Younger people born into EU membership don’t really know any different and so feel more comfortable with it. (For me, both sets of experiences and standpoints are valid, and each needs to have respect for the other).

    But I think Guy Verhofsadt (a staunch EU federalist) has unwittingly played a part in making Brexit happen – by making arrogant, condescending, interfering comments like this. He’s precisely one of the “them” crowd that Brexiters so desperately want to break away from. And sure enough, here he is being quoted by The Daily Mail, of all sources.

  17. 2016 “They won’t vote to leave”

    2017 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    2018 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    2019 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    2020 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back” <—— you are here

    2021 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    2030 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    2100 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

    7563 “They’ll change their minds and come crawling back”

  18. If the EU has reformed itself and become a smaller, more.compact close union of similar northern European states + France and Germany, then the Brits will rejoin

    In its current state, the EU looks like a decrepit bloated mess that won’t survive as is. Looking in from Canada, while there are some Europhiles here who think we should adopt EU standards, there is no great envy to see the loss of control over immigration and monetary policy to a central bureaucracy dominated by German economic interests.

    We are smaller than Britain and have done just fine with FTAs with the TPP, NAFTA , CETA

  19. We realised before the vote.

    -sincerely, the younger generation

  20. I don’t think the younger generation “will realise” we already know it’s a terrible mistake

  21. Can’t wait to post this on r/agedlikemilk in a few years. Bring on the downvotes, fragile redditors.

  22. Essentially wait for the Boomer Generation to be either deceased or too old to vote (*sabotage*) elections?

    Seems a long time to wait though. Bloody shame, that.

  23. Yeah, we already fucking realised it and it’s why probably at least 40% of the country still are in a cycle of mourning, denial, and occasionally just saw anger at the idiocy and transparent fucking Johnson-ism of it all.

    And it will take ages to happen and we will lose so much in the meantime, pointlessly, and so will the world for missing the fullest unity of a body like the EU in dangerously divided and nationalistic times when we really don’t need that shit right now.

    Fucking… fuck this just reminded me why the last few years have been so disheartening.

  24. It sounds like the EU has a strategic existential need to ensure Britain’s economy is damaged after Brexit.

    Nah…the EU wouldn’t play the abusive boyfriend game, they’re too classy.

  25. That’s what happens when you don’t vote.

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