British academics call on University of Hong Kong not to dismiss jailed law professor – Hundreds of international academics have signed an open letter in support of a jailed Hong Kong law professor currently in solitary confinement, urging his university not to dismiss him from his position.

British lecturers name on College of Hong Kong to not dismiss jailed regulation professor – A whole lot of worldwide lecturers have signed an open letter in help of a jailed Hong Kong regulation professor at the moment in solitary confinement, urging his college to not dismiss him from his place.

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  1. Really, telegraph? Not even a link to the open letter?

    (Seriously, where can I find it? It is not [this one](, is it?)

    Also, open letters are worthless. Talk is cheap and I don’t think a government which doesn’t listen to its own people cares about what people in other countries think. They should be boycotting academic events in China and HK instead.

  2. What is the the UK doing in all this anyway? I see a lot of calls for action from the US, but Hong Kong was a UK colony. Do they have any loyalty towards that or is it a reason for them to stay out of it?

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