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British ISIS bride’s initial bid to regain UK citizenship rejected by court

British ISIS bride’s initial bid to regain UK citizenship rejected by court

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  1. I honestly can’t feel sorry for any of these women, I mean they willfully left their country to join these guys….in a fucking war zone.

  2. She really fucked herself with that interview a couple of months ago.

  3. The Special Immigration Appeals Commission, which hears national security cases and issued Friday’s ruling, said she could instead turn to Bangladesh for citizenship.

  4. She was an ISIS torturer as well as an ISIS bride. Tasked with hunting down those non sufficiently islamic.

  5. Why would a woman ever be pro ISIS?

  6. Good. She made her choice. Live with it. No take backsies

  7. Sorry, no sympathy. It is not a death sentence – deal with the consequences of your actions.

  8. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.foxnews.com/world/british-isis-bride-uk-citizenship-rejected) reduced by 63%. (I’m a bot)
    > British ISIS bride Shamima Begum's bid to regain her British citizenship was rejected Friday at its initial stage, according to reports.

    > BRITISH ISIS BRIDE SHAMIMA BEGUM TRIES TO USE HER BABY TO GET BACK INTO UK, CLAIMING HE'S SICK. Begum wants to go back to the U.K. for therapy after the deaths of her three young children in Syria, Sky News reported.

    > BRITISH ISIS BRIDE ADMITS SHE WAS 'BRAINWASHED' INTO BELIEVING ISIS, HOPES FOR SECOND CHANCE. It's only lawful in the U.K. to strip a person of their citizenship if the person is entitled to citizenship of another country, Sky News reported.

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  9. Good, fuck her. She’s even said she has no remorse for what she’s done and would even do it again. The only reason she wants to come back is because her side lost.

  10. Allow me to play the world’s smallest violin for her.

  11. The western world is so smart except when it comes to letting these pieces of shit into their countries. Frankly I’m surprised she wasn’t let in.

  12. No fucks given , no sympathy

  13. She and all the rest should never have made it off the battlefield they should have been *collateral damage*. No sympathy here

  14. Actions have consequences. Good riddance to her.

  15. The nerve of her to even ask for a second chance at being a citizen.

  16. No this is treason . Never let her in

  17. They should have responded by sending her an envelope with a noose in it.

  18. Has she been tried in a Syrian court?

  19. Well I guess we are getting a new citizen in Canada. Trudeau feels sorry for these people. He has a history of giving convicted terrorists citizenships.

  20. If she was canadian she would be allowed back in like most of them were

  21. yeah.

    tough situation.

    15 years old is plenty young and impressionable. brainwashing is a thing.

    its not as simple as “you know murder is bad when youre 15” but good luck explaining this to the ones holding that viewpoint.

    the world is so grey. so, so very grey.

    we really are stupid young kids till at LEAST 25 years of age.

    society and capitalism has truly skewed our perceptions of being an “adult” or a “grown-up”

    i truly believe people can change. ive been to some dark corners in my mind growing up. now that i am much older, i can really see how wrong some of things i thought were.

    if i was in charge of making this decision, im not sure what i would do. but i dont think writing her off to die in the desert with her kid with no nation is something i would do.

    there must be a road of restitution she should be allowed to attempt.

    we cant turn back the wheels of time and fix our actions. there must be a way forward.

  22. Just passing the responsibility along. Western terrorists should be tried in Western courts.

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