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Calling them idiots … Trump attacks Fauci and his Republican critics

US President Donald Trump attacked his critics from members of his Republican party, and a member of the White House team to fight the Corona virus pandemic, Anthony Fauci, describing them as stupid.

Trump said during a phone call with members of his campaign team that people are tired of Fauci’s talk about the “Covid-19” virus, describing the man as a disaster, and Trump added, according to the American “Politico” network, “People say: Leave us alone, they are tired of listening. To Fauci, and all those idiots. “

Trump added, “There is always a bomb fired by Fauci in every outlook on public opinion, but he stressed that it would be a major bomb if he was fired,” according to what an official in the election campaign said about Trump.

In addition to his membership in the White House team to confront Corona, Fauci, who is highly respected in the United States, heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Laft attack
Trump’s attack on Fauchi is particularly noticeable, as the president himself acknowledges the people’s trust and respect for the country’s chief infectious disease expert, and his campaign even uses videos of Fauci in paid ads.

Fauci had strongly rejected the Trump campaign’s exploitation of video clips, as he is a non-partisan figure, and said a week ago that he was upset by the use of his statements in a video prepared by the Trump campaign team regarding the emerging corona virus.

“After nearly 5 decades of working in the public service, I have never announced public support for any candidate,” Fauci said, referring to the presidential elections.

On the other hand, Trump called in the phone call to unify the ranks of Republicans after increasing their criticism of him, and warnings of a painful defeat for Trump in the presidential elections scheduled for the third of next month.

Republican senators have publicly expressed doubts about Trump’s fortunes, and some have drawn harsh criticism against him.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz warned of what he called an election massacre awaiting Republicans by measures of the implications of the Watergate scandal.

Early vote
In a related context, and 15 days before the presidential elections, 28 million Americans cast their ballots across the country, either by early voting at polling stations or by mail, according to the Election Project.

Democrats called for a massive vote early, as a precaution amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic. On the other hand, Trump denounces an approach that would lead to electoral fraud, without supporting his statements with evidence.

The Republican candidate has pledged that his supporters will vote in large numbers on November 3, to deny the polls that predict his loss to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and Trump records a decline in opinion polls at the national level and in the majority of critical states to determine the new president of the United States.

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