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Can a person currently infected with Corona be vaccinated? What is the secret of centenarians who defeated it?

Is it permissible to vaccinate a person currently infected with the emerging corona virus “Covid-19? Does the Covid-19 vaccine lead to a positive corona test result? What is the secret of centenarians who have defeated the Corona virus? These are some new questions that we carry answers to based on the latest medical data.

Can a person currently infected with Covid-19 be vaccinated?

The answer is no, as the person currently infected with the Coronavirus should not receive the vaccine. And it is advised to postpone the vaccination until after recovery. There are several reasons, first when a person becomes infected with the Coronavirus, their immune response leads to the production of antibodies that can recognize and attack the virus. The cells that make these antibodies are able to remember the virus and attack it after a person has recovered from the disease. Current evidence suggests that immunity can last for 90 days after recovery, so giving a vaccination may not provide a benefit.

Another thing is that the vaccine is not a cure, that is, it does not treat people with Covid-19. Therefore, giving an infected person the vaccine will not help alleviate the symptoms.

For his part, Delphine Rocot wrote, in an article published in the French newspaper Le Monde, that if a person is currently infected with the Coronavirus, it is not recommended to give him the vaccine.

The report quoted Francois Lefevre, of the Regional Hospital of Metz, as saying, “When immunity is busy in one place, its attention should not be diverted to another place.” Therefore, he postpones vaccinating the elderly “as soon as the throat is red,” either if the patient does not show symptoms, he thinks that this Evidence that immunity is not busy, and therefore “vaccination may not be very dangerous in this case”.

Hansman, who was in the group of people who tried the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, said that this type of case was observed without any specific complications, especially with the large number of people who do not show symptoms and do not know that they are carriers of the virus, but the Supreme Authority of Health recommends Taking a test and postponing the vaccination if there is a positive result.

In the case of a proven infection, vaccination becomes simply unnecessary, as Hansman says, “If you have symptoms such as fever, it makes no sense to take the vaccine, because it is too late,” as the vaccine will not be able to protect people immediately infected with the virus.

Does the Covid-19 vaccine make a positive corona test result?

According to the University of Central Florida, no, the vaccine will not cause a positive corona test, such as the “polymerase chain reaction” (PCR) test, or the antigen test.

However, the antibody test may be positive, because the vaccine works by causing the body to develop an immune response.

Is it useful to have a person vaccinated when they have already had COVID-19?

The Le Monde report said that studies of the immune response to the emerging corona virus – whose scientific name is SARS Cove 2 – showed that the body produces equivalent antibodies, able to prevent the virus from entering cells.

However, these antibodies – as the newspaper says – their quantity decreases in the months following the infection, although there is another type of defense that plays its role, which is the B lymphocytes with a memory that lasts 6 or 8 months at least, and is able to stimulate the production of antibodies quickly. In the event of the return of the disease, and this means that the body is able to defend itself if it encounters the virus again.

The newspaper pointed out that, from an immunological point of view, vaccination is not a priority for people who have already been infected with Covid-19, says the researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Bahazin Compadier, “After infection, if there is immunity against the virus, then there is no need to receive the vaccination.”

However, the true duration of this immunity still raises questions – as the newspaper says – due to the meager experience with the virus, and it is not known whether the immune mechanisms raised by the infection differ according to the mutations of the virus, especially since each person interacts differently with infectious agents, Which means that the immune response will differ from one individual to another.

And there is – according to the newspaper – another unknown issue, which is the duration of immunity provided by the vaccine, says Claire Ann Siegrist, head of the vaccination center at the University of Geneva hospitals, that “the duration of protection after vaccination is not known yet, but the 95% protection advantage (provided by the Pfizer vaccine) – Biontec) is likely to last longer than normal immunity.

As for public health, the immunity resulting from the vaccine may come to strengthen the natural immunity. “It is complementary,” confirms Yves Hansmann, head of the infectious diseases department at the University of Strasbourg Hospital. Spread. “

The newspaper wondered: Is it useful to conduct a serology test before the vaccine to measure the presence of antibodies? The higher health authority responded in the negative, noting that this test “does not determine the persons who are likely to be protected against the virus, but only: has the person encountered the virus before.”

Can pregnant women be vaccinated? What about children?

For pregnant women and minors, they are not included in the data provided by laboratories, as Pfizer applied to obtain a market license for people aged 16 and over, and Moderna only studied people 18 years of age and over.

As a result, Siegrist believes that “it is unreasonable to recommend vaccinating these people,” and therefore population studies must be awaited, after vaccination has been widely introduced in many countries, but she adds that “some believe that the risks of the vaccine are much lower than the risks of Covid-19, Even for pregnant women. “

Although “some live attenuated vaccines are prohibited in pregnant women, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not, and cannot cause infection,” says Hansman, but information on the possible side effects of these vaccines is not yet available.

In the absence of data on minors, Hansman believes that they “may be the last to make a decision about them,” especially since current studies show that their risk of developing Covid-19 is lower than adults.

What is the secret of centenarians who defeated the Corona virus?

In an article published in the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, Elena Dossi said that many centenarians who defeated the Corona virus remember the date of their recovery from the Spanish flu a century ago. This prompted a professor at the University of Bologna and one of the largest specialists in the study of centenarians in the world, Claudio Franceschi, to ask whether the secret behind their recovery was the type of acquired immunity. Despite the different viruses that cause influenza and Covid-19, it seems that the secret of survival of these elderly lies in their immune system.

The author quoted the doctor specializing in immunology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Andrea Cosariza as saying, “We analyzed blood samples of two centenarians recovering from the Corona virus without experiencing serious complications. Compared to young people, their levels of proteins related to inflammation were of very low concentrations. We are aware. “The most dangerous symptoms of Covid resulting from a cell storm is an overreaction and an uncoordinated response of the immune system. The centenarians have high levels of anti-inflammatory substances that help control the severity of the immune response.”

Franceski says, “The bodies of centenarians who have defeated the Covid virus have a kind of thermostat that knows how to regulate the temperature of inflammation, which prevents the immune system from losing its focus in the face of the Corona virus. This explains their good health despite their advanced age.”

What is the latest data about trials of Corona vaccines?

1- Covid-19 antibodies manufactured by Lilly reduce hospitalizations and deaths

A combination of two types of antibodies to Covid-19 manufactured by US pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has shown its ability to reduce hospitalizations and deaths by 70% in high-risk patients who have recently tested positive for the virus, the company announced Tuesday.

The company’s chief scientific officer, Daniel Skovronsky, announced that “bamlanivimab and etesevimab combined have the potential to be an important treatment that significantly reduces the number of hospitalizations and deaths in patients with high-risk Covid-19.”

The results mean that the third phase of the trials, which included 1035 people, achieved its main goal, and that the study also achieved its secondary goals of reducing the viral load, that is, the amount of virus present in the patient’s body, and the recovery period from the disease.

2- Moderna vaccine is effective against the British and South African mutated versions of Covid-19.

The American biotechnology company Moderna announced in a statement Monday that the anti-Covid-19 vaccine it developed – named “mRNA-1273” – is still effective against the British and South African mutated versions of the virus.

Moderna said it is working on developing an additional dose to increase protection against mutated copies.

“The new data are very encouraging, which strengthens our confidence that the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19 will provide protection from these new, mutated versions,” said Moderna Board Chairman Stephane Bansel.

3- Merck’s American Laboratory stops developing two vaccines against Covid-19

The American Merck Pharmaceutical Production Laboratory announced Monday that it will stop developing two vaccine projects against Covid-19, one of which is the one developed in cooperation with the Pasteur Institute in France, considering that they are not more effective than those developed by other companies.

The company said in a statement that the results of the first clinical trials on the two vaccines “in 590 V590 and in 591” V591 proved that “the immune response (in people who have received them) is less than that caused by a natural infection or that caused by other vaccines” against Covid -19.

The decision to abandon the development of the two vaccines comes at a time when other laboratories that have licenses to develop their vaccines are finding it difficult to meet the demand.

4- The Pasteur Institute announced that it had abandoned the experiments it was about to conduct on the Corona vaccine

The first clinical trials showed that the protection provided by the Pasteur Institute vaccine did not meet the required levels set by the World Health Organization, which dealt a severe blow to French laboratory research.

In the report published by the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, the writer Vincent Bordenaf says that the Pasteur Institute has announced that it has abandoned the experiments it was going to conduct on the expected vaccine against Covid-19. It was found that the reason behind this decision is that the vaccine is ineffective enough, especially compared to the results achieved by the vaccines offered in the market.

“This was a major disappointment,” says Christoph Donfert, scientific director at the Pasteur Institute. “We discovered that the immune responses induced were lower than those observed in people who had recovered from a natural infection. We are, without a doubt, not up to the level required by the World Health Organization and an adult.” 50% “.

The author points out that from a health standpoint, the consequences of this abandonment are relative. On the one hand, this French project lagged behind the deadlines for final delivery. The European Union did not submit any requests for any pre-dose, not to mention that the most optimistic forecasts predicted that the vaccine marketing would not take place before the end of 2021.

However, this does not reduce the impact of this fatal blow on the French research field, especially since Sanofi has warned that there is a great delay in the process of developing its candidate vaccine. To make matters worse, coinciding with the Sanofi laboratory vaccine already entering its final phase of clinical trials, the European Union requested 300 million doses in advance, while France was counting on 45 million doses in the second half of 2021.

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