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Canada to receive ‘millions’ of masks, won’t retaliate for U.S. ban on 3M exports: PM

Canada to receive ‘millions’ of masks, won’t retaliate for U.S. ban on 3M exports: PM

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  1. I’m not a huge protectionist but I think this has shown we need some level of local production on potentially essential goods like these.

    I’d be willing to have the government pay extra to have even a single production facility geared towards medical and military needs that could be spun up in times of crisis.

    I would not expect them to locally produce 100% of Canada’s needs, for instance I’d expect generic retail to still be served by the greater worldwide supply chain.

  2. Trudeau is doing the right thing. Absolutely nobody benefits from an escalation. If anything it will provoke Trump to go after Canada and Canada is much more reliant on the US than the US is on Canada. Trudeau is clearly being the bigger person and that is the right thing to do. He knows stooping to Trumps level will accomplish nothing.

  3. let’s hope those millions of masks don’t somehow disappear.

    Trump doesn’t understand the consequences of pulling 3M from Canada trades, 3M even told Trump that it’s a bad idea.

  4. Trudeau’s dad would have said “watch me” and retaliated like a motherfucker lol.

  5. im pretty envious of canada’s leadership right now. not based on any policy, but based on communication and maturity. we are a fucking shit show right now.

  6. I have no expertise in foreign affairs but this feels like the right way to handle it.

    Fighting fire with fire is a losing battle with USA/Trump.

    Deescalation is better.

  7. I just watched a press clip of Trump today, he said he didn’t want other people to get the masks and mentioned retaliation (“if people don’t give us what people need”), he’s twisting words now almost as if other countries are the ones retaliating?

  8. As an American, I thank you all for not being assholes like our government is being to everyone else (citizens included). Most of us are trying but our system is fucked and it’s near impossible to fix right now. It’s terrifying to be here and be powerless. We are watching our founding principles crumble and rot. We are also finding out how many closet uneducated, racist and bigoted, anti-science, religious wackos are actually in this country. Most of us did not realize there is a veritable army of these folks willing to blindly follow king dorito and all his cronies. We are sorry. We are trying. Please keep being awesome Canada. We don’t want to lose our world friends but our administration is so unbelievably corrupt and sociopathic we can barely process the deluge of shit that happens every single day.

  9. Well the government of Canada won’t retaliate but I won’t be buying any American products and won’t be travelling there for a long time. Fuck em.

  10. Don’t retaliate. Just tell them “Well if you can’t give us masks, we’ll need to make our own. So I guess those materials you need in order to make masks will have to stay here.”

    It wouldn’t be retaliation, it would be necessity.

  11. How pissy would Cheeto Benito get if China put a halt to the US of the medical supplies it creates in its homeland?

    You’d see the dust storm from every corner of the US.

  12. I would keep it iin my pocket. for now . the north never forgets.

  13. He’s a better man than me. I would retaliate to the utmost of our ability. That’s the only thing that giant orange buffoon understands.

  14. Aren’t most countries blocking exports of critical medical supplies?

  15. Not a real fan of Trudeau but having to deal with a petulant child president most be next to impossible…The USA is no longer a reliable ally.Perhaps it’s time to let the Chinese lady that Trump was going to use as a bargaining chip go and mend fences with China.

  16. I am all for escalation – US gets no steel, no lumber, no paper, no oil and no maple syrup. We can literally produce everything we need here. US manufactures NOTHING but hate and fear these days. Go fuck yourselves.

  17. Send our Ontario nurses who go to Michigan, to Toronto instead. Fuck you Trump, you piece of shit.

  18. I think we Canadian’s should really think about what we buy and start buying only made in CANADA and its easier now that they have made in canada labels on products.. FUCK TRUMP and USA.. Canada needs to raise price of hydro we supply etc

  19. Enjoy your stockpile, while our hospitals are having shortages.

    we have 288K active cases with an estimated 28K in icu

    Canada has 11K active cases with an estimated 1k in icu, no shortages happening.

    1k in ICU in canada, meanwhile we had 1666 Die in the last 24 hours

  20. If Canada received millions of masks that means there isn’t actually a ban. Why was this so heavily reported? I don’t get it. It’s not like they can just sneak those masks into Canada.

  21. Yeah screw Americans trying to get their own manufacturing to get them enough masks for themselves. Instead of letting them sell to the rest of the world to make huge margins of profits.

  22. I fucking love Canada! I hope you amazing Canadians stay safe!! I’m so happy to hear these news!❤️

  23. I read the entire article. Agree or disagree with Trudeau, but that’s how a classy leader acts when someone does something to you like the US did.

  24. Wait until you bastards want more maple syrup or William Shatner.

  25. Through this pandemic, we see how good countries, and bad countries respond. Kudos Trudeau, and Canada.

  26. Except for most of the paper product to produce a mask come from Canada.

    3M is: What the F?

  27. Canadians need to prepare for the next wave and start manufacturing our own masks, ventilators and other medical equipment

  28. Well it’s nice to see that at least someone in the US/Canada relationship is mature and even keeled. Again Canada, we’re so sorry for Cheeto Voldemort’s evil bullshit spewing over into your country’s operations!

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