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Canadian ER doctor who works in Gaza makes 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19. Time for “medical creativity.”

Canadian ER doctor who works in Gaza makes 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19. Time for “medical creativity.”

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  1. Modern problems require modern solutions.

  2. I own a Prusa i3 mk3, 3d printer pictured in this article, I wonder if those files are available.

    Edit: found the files if anybody is interested.

  3. Awesome. Have to be creative!! I went to harbor freight and bought all their face shields for my hospital. 2 stores 50 masks. Enough for 1/2 the care staff. But we can clean and reuse

  4. > They can be used as well as, or as an alternative to, the N95 face masks that health-care workers usually wear.

    This statement in the article seems disingenuous; I would hardly call a face shield an alternative to an N95

  5. Why not just go buy thick plastic sheeting? They sell heavy dude stuff in the walmart craft section for like $6 a sq/yard. Then turn around and buy some elastic strips,super glue and scissors in the same section.

    Would be ALOT faster than a 3d printer.

  6. In fairness, a roll of duct tape would probably work just as well to attach the shield to your glasses.

  7. > Canadian ER doctor

    It’s /u/_tarek_

  8. We did a test print of this today and were able to get 3 units into one print run. Not sure how it turned out because we left it printing but I can report back if anyone is interested.

    Edit: forgot the link https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/25857-prusa-protective-face-shield-rc2

  9. Someone explain to me why this is a big deal? It’s just a piece of plastic right? Could you not craft something similar without a 3D printer?

  10. Dr Tarek is from my city and he’s incredible. He runs a charity that 3D prints medical supplies for war zones and has been shot while on duty in said places.

    He’s known for developing a $2.50 3D printed stethoscope.

  11. Curious but does it adhere to the forehead? Better than nothing but the facemasks usually are flexible with foam to create a kind of seal

  12. You know that when this is over, there will be a bunch of ‘rat’ companies suing all these people for patent infringements. Makes me sick but just watch…

  13. Ive actually been doing this in Ontario! 😀

  14. Proud to be Canadian. The people of Gaza have it really hard. It’s an open air prison and illegal settlements

  15. As a fellow healthcare worker sympathetic to Gaza Palestinians and very aware of the needs and injustice there, I am sorry you need medical creativity to solve the problem rather than international humanity.

  16. If someone could make something to protect people while using the computers in the hospital that would be clutch. I would wear gloves but PPE is already being rationed and it doesn’t change how difficult it is to really clean the things.

  17. My son is planning to print similar qmasks for lis locale, and is joining many others working on low cost pandemic solutions as an act of community solidarity.

  18. Is there anyway to share the blueprints so that someone could upload them to another 3D printer in the US and do the same thing?

  19. I hate to be that guy, but not only are face shields still readily available (you can order them online even), but you can make one by gluing any clear plastic (easy to find at an office supply store) to a pair of glasses or a headband. Much cheaper than 3D printing, if less cool.

  20. People do it Canary island. Not a big deal.

  21. Why isn’t anyone working on a way to sanitize these masks??? Or recycle them somehow??

  22. I’d like to try making these masks for my local hospitals, but I don’t pretend to understand the different types of clear plastic. Where can I locally source Mylar (I’m in Saskatchewan, Canada)? If I can’t find Mylar, would some poly plastic work from local hardware store, [like this](https://www.homehardware.ca/en/16-x-375-roll-super-six-6mil-clear-poly-film/p/2645604)? Or what other options should I be looking at?

  23. That’s fucking awesome. Pump those babies out!

  24. Or ya know maybe just dont sanction food and medicine in the first place, but whatever im fucking crazy right?

  25. Canadian hero IMO. I hope the plans are distributed to people with 3-D printers worldwide.

  26. Our hospital bought ours from Harbor Freight.

  27. I should I could with something

  28. It’s time to be as creative as the Cubans were after they were cut off from the rest of the world. Those are some seriously creative people.

  29. It’s great to see stories like this when most of news is rather gloomy.

  30. Yet another 3D printing “solution” that could be more easily done another way.

  31. 23,March. Corona(Covid-19) Statistics in US&World, update in every hour

  32. Hopefully the idf doesn’t shoot him

  33. any attempts by people to protect themselves from the virus are laudable. I believe that only the authorities are inactive and hide information. I found the СOVID-19 chat in the Utopia P2P application where they write the whole truth about the virus.

  34. I hope he doesn’t get “suicided” soon.

  35. Is it FDA approved with 18 months of clinical trials showing its 100% safe and effective?
    No? Too bad….

    Want creativity? Remove the harmful regulations that stifle creativity. And don’t use a crisis as an excuse to not follow regulations if they are necessary.

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