Home / news / Canadian politician breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’ – Veteran Chinese-Canadian politician reveals authorities at Shanghai airport in 2015 accused him of “endangering national security” before cancelling visa and ordering him to fly back to Canada

Canadian politician breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’ – Veteran Chinese-Canadian politician reveals authorities at Shanghai airport in 2015 accused him of “endangering national security” before cancelling visa and ordering him to fly back to Canada

Canadian politician breaks silence: China detained me, is interfering ‘in our democracy’ – Veteran Chinese-Canadian politician reveals authorities at Shanghai airport in 2015 accused him of “endangering national security” before cancelling visa and ordering him to fly back to Canada

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  1. Travellers beware. Go somewhere safe for vacation.

  2. > A veteran Chinese-Canadian politician is coming forward to reveal that upon landing at the Shanghai airport in November 2015, Chinese authorities improperly detained him, separated him from his wife for eight hours, confiscated and searched his B.C. government phone and accused him of “endangering national security” before cancelling his visa and ordering him to fly back to Canada.
    > And since his detention, he said, China’s interference in Canadian society has increased in myriad ways, including aggressive attempts to influence our political system and elected leaders, control Chinese-Canadian immigrants, and silence all criticism of Beijing’s policies.
    > Richard Lee, the B.C. Liberal MLA for Burnaby from 2001 to 2017, provided Global News with a letter outlining his allegations, sent on Jan. 1, 2019, to then-foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


    > But since 2015, Lee claims he has seen increasing interference in Canada’s political system by China’s government, including private warnings from consular officials that Canadian politicians refrain from speaking out on issues that might anger China.
    > And after China jailed Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on vague national security grounds in late 2018, Lee says he felt reminded of the injustice in his own case.


    >But Lee says China’s interference in Canadian politics is already deeply ingrained, and he believes China’s Consulate General in Vancouver is pressuring Chinese-Canadian community groups to ostracize him.

    > **“I have freedom of speech and association, but (the Chinese consulate) said I could not do that in Canada,” Lee said. “There is many Chinese-Canadian associations that don’t consider themselves to be free, to speak against this interference.”**
    > So Lee has decided now, the Canadian public should hear his story.

    >**The officials took Lee’s personal phone and his B.C. government Blackberry, Lee said. They returned and demanded access to Lee’s password-protected Blackberry, which required Lee to reveal his passcode.**

  3. Canadian tourists have been getting more and more harassment in China, even by chinese customs.

  4. [China set up crime web in Canada, CSIS & RCMP report says](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/china-set-up-crime-web-in-canada-report-says/article4163320/)

    [CSIS Warned of Chinese Influence on Canadian Real Estate in 1997](https://betterdwelling.com/csis-warns-of-chinese-influence-on-canadian-real-estate-20-years-ago/)

    [Government infiltrated by spies, CSIS boss says](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/government-infiltrated-by-spies-csis-boss-says/article4392618/)

    >”**There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government**,” Fadden said.

    [Draft of 1997 Operation Sidewinder Report](https://betterdwelling.com/operation-sidewinder-csis-rcmp/)

    [CSIS Report Warns of Chinese Influence in New Zealand](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-csis-report-warns-of-chinese-interference-in-new-zealand/)

    [CSIS Warns of Threats to Canadian Industry](https://www.packetlabs.net/foreign-espionage/)

    [Intelligence warnings about Chinese technology unheeded by B.C. universities](https://www.burnabynow.com/intelligence-warnings-about-chinese-technology-unheeded-by-b-c-universities-1.23527473)

    [CSIS director warns of state-sponsored espionage threat to 5G networks](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-canadas-spy-chief-warns-about-state-sponsored-espionage-through/)

    [CSIS warns about noticeable increase in economic spying](https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-csis-warns-about-noticeable-increase-in-economic-spying/)

    But hey, I guess I’m just a racist and our intelligence services must have been repeatedly stacked with racists since the 1990’s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    China has been a growing threat to Canada specifically for twenty years. Our government has happily ignored it and decided that the economic benefits of cheap consumer crap and real estate inflation were worth doing so. Now it is becoming a sharp power threat, one which I sincerely doubt Canadian politicians are equipped to manage.

    Anyone who does not view this totalitarian nightmare state as a threat to our civilization is entirely out to lunch. What China is building domestically, their reducation camps and silent genocides, will be seen globally if we continue to treat them as an entity which can be brought in line with democratic ideals.

  5. i’m really starting to hate China.

  6. Germany is currently putting laws against China in place, even Trump signed one…But why the fuck doesnt Trudeau react?? China has a choke-hold on Canadian housing, it would be such a relief if Canada could get something done in that regard.

  7. Evidence China is maintaining a fifth column in Canada.

  8. That’s what you get for letting China buying off your country piece by piece

  9. I was detained last year with a group of Canadians and Americans (that just happened to be on our past flight) that landed in Shanghai. The Canadians were extra freaked out. The customs took us aside and said our flight number didn’t exist. The number was every week, they were obviously lying. We were told to not use our phones or make sudden movements. Then they passed our passports around and looked up on their PC’s , they looked up on Facebook, another couple Chinese programs and Instagram. It was for 30-40min, but felt like 3 hrs.

    Everybody checked out, and they SUDDENLY discovered the flight number?!

    We went back into the airport for our connecting flight back to North America. Many of us also felt that they were being followed while we waited in the airport.

    If you travel to china, be prepared.

    I felt safe crime wise in China, but I also felt if I did something wrong to them, I would simply be pfft…gone.

  10. This needs more views, everyone needs to be made aware. Hong Kong today, the world tomorrow.

  11. I think before we all jump on the Trudeau hating train, we should keep in mind that Harper’s government was perfectly okay with China targeting Canada, especially with the housing market.

  12. They also searched his phone. It sounds as if they were attempting to blackmail him or something like that, but couldn’t find any shit on his phone, which is why they just threw him out.

  13. The fact so many western countries are for Huawei is vial with the government but also consumers supporting them. People were buying Huawei phones simply to support them as if they’re a charity group when in reality they’re the backbone to one of the most corrupt dystopia regimes this world has seen.

    Its not just Huawei but ZTE, Hikvision, even gaming companies thatre using every avenue to spy and gain influence over us beyond the evils of Facebook or NSA thatre always brought up as whataboutism. The thing is we can’t do what they do to us back to the Chinese in China. It’s all very one sided which is why the whataboutism falls short.

    The question arises a lot too of so we should allow the Americans to spy on us but not China too?! No! You want as few people spying on you as possible and cases like in Germany, the Germans gave NSA their citizens data to the Americans and Germany hopefully heavily spies on the US so its even playing ground whereas with China its not remotely even which is why their expanse on spying from 5G to games is not only expanding but likely shifting policy, especially if they have something to blackmail you with.

    US is becoming neutral to Europe but they’re still part of NATO and as a Swede I don’t find them a threat to my safety. China on the other hand I see as a significant threat.. Just look at over a million in concertation camps so quickly. Look at how they have their youth terrorise our universities with nationalistic Chinese views.

    This is just the beginning.

  14. I find none of this surprising. Especially the part about Trudeau’s office doing nothing until it was obvious Global news was going to break the story.

  15. After the leaked documents from Australia this seems to be the norm for what is an aspiring new super power. A very scary aspect indeed

  16. Canadian labor laws are sliding so fast into a fucking dark ages, Canadians don’t know what to do with themselves. China has been meddling for a long time.

  17. Well to be fair the USA has labeled Canada as a “National Security Risk” as well. Canada is fucking up every were now it would seem. Sorry.

  18. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://globalnews.ca/news/6228973/b-c-politician-richard-lee-china-detained-interfering-democracy/) reduced by 95%. (I’m a bot)
    > Lee's letter says he had planned to go public with his story after returning to Vancouver from Shanghai, but decided not to "In consideration of the potential damage to the relationship between China and Canada.”

    > After China jailed Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on vague national security grounds in late 2018, Lee says he felt reminded of the injustice in his own case.

    > Since being elected for the B.C. Liberals in 2001, Lee says he has promoted good relations and trade with China.

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  19. It’s only going to get worse until the West grows some balls and breaks all ties with China.

  20. It really can’t be said enough. Fuck China.

  21. Happening in Australia too.

  22. what do you think justin. shall we continue suckling on their cute little toes? ffs how about some leadership on this actually meaningful issue, as opposed to op-eds by premiers in the globe on how we really need to overlook this whole concentration camp thing and fire up some of that delicious transnational money-grubbing. i mean, good lord.

    usually when i write the federal government, i at least get some kind of patronizing stock, pro-forma bullshit back. i wrote the feds twice on the hong kong thing as the summer waned, threatening my allmighty vote — nada. whispering silence across the prairies. i mean, i understand why everybody’s favourite radical egalitarian might want to keep his locks tucked between his legs for a little while longer, what with the “you’re lucky you’re not andrew scheer” election result . . .

    . . . but if he could just think of it terms of the redemptive PR, we might get a least a little grandstanding where it could carry a whiff of meaning and wee micro-dollop much-needed encouragement, if nothing else.

  23. They also searched his government issued phone.

  24. Veteran politician doesn’t know how to keep his information secure. Shouldn’t CSIS or RCMP do security training for all Parliamentarians?

  25. He was lucky, usually China let’s you in but not out.

  26. China interfering in our elections would certainly explain Ford getting elected.

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