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Canadians can expect to get $2,000 per month within 10 days from new emergency COVID-19 benefits, PM says

Canadians can expect to get $2,000 per month within 10 days from new emergency COVID-19 benefits, PM says

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  1. Gotta give props to everyone in parliament on this one. Nobody opposed the money, and the Conservatives and NDP worked together to bring forth their concerns to the Liberals who listened and after some debate addressed the concerns.

    Edit: For those Canadians wondering how this affects EI, and those laid off without benefits and what the implications are here is a [CBC article explaining things](https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-income-supports-covid19-1.5509247) in detail like who should apply, when it will be paid out and how long it will last.

  2. Hmm I wonder if I qualify I was laid off prior to the outbreak but there’s no way I can get a job now

  3. I’m a student who hasn’t worked since the summer (I was meant to get a job again in april but that’s clearly not gonna happen), so I wonder what the qualifications are for this. A lot of my friends are in the same boat and won’t be able to make rent if they can’t get/keep their jobs.

  4. My wife lost her job due to covid-19. She works in a wedding industry. This will help tremendously

  5. But has anyone asked how the corporations are doing??

  6. HA beatiful, I’m a 23M italian guy and had a contract call before lockdown started. You wanna know what’s happening to people like me? I have a rent to pay in 7 days that will consume my last 250€ in my bank account, after that? No idea, not even our president knows. He probably expects we eat our wood tables to carry on

  7. ITT everyone thinks this is a universal program like what’s happening in the States. This is just a temporary replacement for Canada’s employment insurance program for people who’ve lost their jobs.

    EDIT: Apparently some people are taking issue with me calling what’s happening in the States “universal” because it *only* covers the bottom **90%** of income earners (<$100k). I would say those people are being a bit pedantic.

    In any case, this Canadian benefit is actually probably more comparable anyways to the US’ current plans for $2400/month in new federal unemployment payments that are **on top** of State unemployment programs (Canadian provinces have targeted programs but don’t operate any general unemployment programs). ([src](https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/25/politics/senate-stimulus-unemployment-benefits-coronavirus/index.html))

    Of course, admittedly, you have to still keep in mind the fact that we have universal healthcare here in Canada, but I still think the US plan as it is now (things are in super flux right now obviously) is far more generous in their own political context.

  8. Its hard to find specifics on this. What if your workplace is still open, but you decide to stay at home due to fear of the virus. Does that count? Or do you have to literally be infected or a caretaker to qualify?

  9. Isn’t this an admission that less than $2000 a month is not enough to live on?

  10. I wish I had Canadian citizenship

  11. Good job. I feel guilty working from home, staying safe and still getting paid while so many I know are stressed with no work or stressed because they are in contact with so many people at work.

  12. As a freelance worker who just came out of school I am very grateful and proud of my government right now for not dragging this out. Canada is not messing around anymore.

  13. This doesn’t look to help us students at all. I work as many hours as possible each summer in order to save so I can pay my rent and tuition come fall. It’s unlikely a majority of students will be able to find work, and for me that means not being able to pay for my house near my school (it’s multiple hours from my hometown) and likely not tuition either.

    I think many students could agree they’re in a similar situation – working each summer to be able to **afford** school come fall.

    Furthermore, I’ve just about dried up my funds from last summer, & was intending on going back to work within a few weeks as school ends. I don’t know how I’m expected to feed myself when I have absolutely no access to a job or financial support from our government.

    We need help too

  14. I wonder if any of this will make it to people who are self employed and basically out of business.

  15. I’m confused, how much is going to big businesses?

  16. Meanwhile we will get absolutely nothing in Poland and can’t leave our houses. Fun times.

  17. How can I apply for a citizenship in 9 days?

  18. I was gonna be a smart-ass and say “that’s $2000 Canadian, guys!” Then Siri promptly shut me the fuck up.

  19. Lots of confusion in this thread.

    This Canadian bill is a relief bill; the US bill is a combination of a stimulus and relief bill.

    The Canadian bill replaces their existing unemployment program to give $2000/month to those whose jobs were affected by the virus for up to 4 months. The USA bill also expands the unemployment program up to $600/week ($2400/month), while also giving a $1200 for adults who filed a tax return making under $75k in 2018 ($150k for couples) and $500 for dependents.

  20. $2000/month is a decent amount. Here in Aus, if you qualify, you get $750 once off.

  21. But what if, hear me out here, what if we pooled all that money together, and bailed out the cruise ship industry instead?

  22. Not for every Canadian. Only for people who have lost jobs. I have so many friends who have lost there jobs. It is only going to get worse. With oil prices being what they are…expect thousands more to lose there jobs in Alberta.

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