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Canadians with COVID-19 symptoms to be denied boarding on domestic flights, trains: PM

Canadians with COVID-19 symptoms to be denied boarding on domestic flights, trains: PM

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  1. Notice there are thermal cams everywhere, that’s why they are there

  2. Some places once your positive/showing symptoms you are put in locked down quarantine on the spot.

    Denied a flight……tough…but it could he a lot worse.

  3. GOOD. Why are they travelling at all? Anyone with symptoms of a communicable disease should be self isolating or jailed/fined.

  4. We aren’t doing this already?! Wtf.

  5. I would hope so. Is this supposed to be a revolutionary idea? Don’t let people infect trainloads of people and spread it across the country?

  6. I hope this applies to ferries too…

  7. What about the assymptomatic canadians ?

  8. You have been asked to get home for some time now. At some point people are just going to have to stay put wherever they are. TBH I thought we had already reached that point.

  9. This is good but I suspect it will still rely on people self declaring. They should seriously consider grounding all air travel except for government authorized rescue flights.

  10. You just need to believe everyone has it. You can choose to keep the sick home but for every sick person there are probably more that don’t show it. If you’re not willing to test the whole population and shelter in place you aren’t really doing anything, just lip service.

  11. Let’s get to the real issue here..Is Justin trudeau dyeing is hair?

  12. People are still flying????!

  13. Are the transportation services open in Canada? In India, the entire country has been in lockdown! No bus services, no train services, domestic flights are also not operating.

  14. 50% of infected people don’t show symptoms at all. How is screening for symptoms before air travel an effective means of preventing anything?

    Flights should be shut down.

  15. Shouldn’t they stop travel altogether to prevent spread?

  16. the fuck are they doing wanting to fly with any kind of sickness symptoms anyhow

  17. If the criteria is symptoms then the allowing travel is dangerous. Why enforce isolation for those with no symptoms but allow no symptoms to travel around the country? Taking this seriously means stopping it all.

  18. Domestic flights and international flights should be shut down completely and lockdown should be enforced immediately. You guys are crazy and putting money over health.

  19. Serious question: WHO THE FUCK IS NOT STAYING HOME?!

  20. Go long IR thermometers!

  21. I wonder if they’ll just lie on the form, hide thier symptoms, and do it anyway like many of the folks we repatriated.

    Self-reporting is not an effective system, IMO.

    Edit: Im not against repatriating sick ppl. They just need special handling and cant be allowed to lie/self-report and just hop on the plane with healthy ppl.

  22. I thought everywhere was doing this? Please tell me my assumption was correct.

  23. ummmm…shouldn’t that have happened awhile ago? same with temp. checks?

  24. Were they not denied boarding previously?! I’m actually pretty surprised, unless they mean like any type of cold symptom.

  25. Seeing as how the symptoms are equivalent to those of seasonal allergies, a cold, the flu… are they basically going to shut down ALL transport?

    Because that is what it sounds like here.

  26. Is this still news? How is this not the norm yet? That fact means this is going to last about 5x longer than it should cause we’re half ass incrementally making restrictions instead of actually locking things down.

  27. Flights? Trains? How about stay the fuck home!

  28. Wait. Why would anyone with such symptoms *willingly board* planes and trains?

  29. This dude really needs to stop dying his hair. Lean into the salt and pepper, bud.

  30. This better be news from two fucking months ago. What the hell? A little late guys.

  31. Wait why are they trying to fly when they know they’re sick?

  32. better than nothing, but this is still only a half-measure. ALL flights should be grounded. No private jets, no international or domestic flights, nothing.

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