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Canceled Given Stage Play Adaptation Rescheduled for November 2021

The legit web web page for the stage play adaptation of Natsuki Kizu’s boys delight in manga given announced this day that it’s, fortunately, rescheduled for November 2021. It became once at the birth web page online for August and September of this twelve months, but all performance had been canceled in consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of the normal staff contributors and performers are web page online to return. The positioning writes, “Receiving enthusiastic toughen from every person, the stage play ‘given’ is determined to be conducted in November 2021! Over the next twelve months, we can proceed to elevate band prepare and others. Please cease tuned.”

One of many explanations why the play is rescheduled, despite the actual fact that when canceled, might perhaps per chance be the ongoing commercial and serious success of the anime film. As reported, the given anime film, which is a sequel to the 11-episode TV anime, has already sold 100,000 tickets and has dominated the mini-theater ranking’s No.1 dwelling for four consecutive weeks since its release.

The stage play is directed by Fumiya Matsuzaki, who lately labored on the stage play adaptation of Formative years of the Whales (2016), Tekkonkinkreet (2018), and Cell Swimsuit Gundam 00 (2019). Yuniko Ayana, who served because the sequence composition writer for the TV anime sequence, affords a script. Its foremost solid contributors had been chosen in the audition, and they’ll if truth be told allege and put the rock tunes on the stage.

Main solid:

  • Mafuyu Sato: Sayato Arima 
  • Ritsuka Uenoyama: Ryo Sibuki 
  • Haruki Nakayama: Fuuta Sunaga 
  • Akihiko Kaji: Shota Kawakami 
  • Ugetsu Murata: Shogo Yamazaki

— 舞台『ギヴン』公式 (@given_stage) September 18, 2020

— 舞台『ギヴン』公式 (@given_stage) July 21, 2020

— 舞台『ギヴン』公式 (@given_stage) July 21, 2020

Source: “given” stage play adaption legit web web page / Twitter

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