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Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in number of insects

Car ‘splatometer’ tests reveal huge decline in number of insects

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  1. A friend & I were discussing this recently, how we used to see a lot more bugs on the car windshield when we were kids. I argued that because of the design of the newer cars the bugs just flew over the top. Looks like I was wrong. According to this study newer cars actually kill more bugs than the older cars, there just aren’t as many bugs out there to kill these days.

  2. >The research included vintage cars up to 70 years old to see if their less aerodynamic shape meant they killed more bugs, but it found that modern cars actually hit slightly more insects.

    I was wondering if car aerodynamics could be a factor, I’m glad they included it in their study

  3. Wow, I never gave it much thought, but thinking about it now, when I first started driving 15ish years ago, I’d always wash my windows to get the bugs off when I stopped for gas. Whenever I hit one and seeing it squish or block some of my view id feel slightly bad and slightly annoyed. Now, I cant remember the last time I even had a murder on my windshield.

  4. Turns out, that spraying insecticide with gay abandon kills insects. Who knew?

  5. The Silent Spring. Though not exactly as predicted.

  6. All those chemicals they dump into the atmosphere and on crops have negative effects? Huh.

  7. The reason is that there is no darkness anywhere near civilisation.

    Too much light pollution disrupts insect life cycles and is leading to massive loss of insect numbers.

    We need to switch off our streetlights and house lights after dark.

    LED streetlights make it worse, because they give out more light over wider range of wavelengths than the monochrome orange sodium low pressure streetlights of the 20th century.

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