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Central Africa .. Thwarting two armed attacks at the gates of Bangui

Militants in Central Africa carried out two armed attacks at the gates of the capital, Bangui, and the United Nations mission said that its forces responded to the attack, which killed a Rwandan peacekeeper.

Interior Minister Herin Wanzit Linguisara – told the French Press Agency – that at dawn on Wednesday, two companies of the army were subjected to two simultaneous attacks, stressing that the attack was repelled and the militants fled.

“Several rebels have been captured and about 10 of them have been killed,” said peacekeeper Abdul Aziz Fall.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, condemned the attack and called on the Central African authorities to take all necessary measures to ensure that those responsible for these “heinous” attacks are held accountable before the courts.

Stefan Dujarric, a spokesman for Guterres, said that the UN force has taken measures to enhance its security and facilities, and to protect the capital to avoid any infiltration by armed groups into Bangui.

These are the first clashes that erupted at the entrance to Bangui since the rebels announced an attack nearly a month ago.

On December 19, that is, 8 days before the presidential and legislative elections, a coalition of 6 of the most powerful armed groups – which have controlled two-thirds of this republic since the outbreak of the civil war eight years ago – declared a rebellion to prevent the re-election of Faustan Archang Tuyra.

The re-election of Tuadera was announced on January 4, and the rebels have since launched sporadic attacks, which were repulsed by the peacekeeping force, Rwandan soldiers, Russian paramilitary forces and soldiers from Central Africa, usually in towns far from the capital, but Wednesday’s clashes are the first Speak at the gates of Bangui.

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