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Cheating is the only way we can lose an election

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said yesterday, Saturday, that the “only way” in which he could lose the elections to President Donald Trump is “cheating”, but added that he would accept the result no matter what.

Biden cheered on would-be voters during one of his campaign stations in swing state Pennsylvania, telling them, “Make sure you vote because the only way we lose that is cheating.”

Biden referred to what he described as Trump’s attempts to discourage the vote, including doubts about the security of the mail vote and attempts to encourage potential intimidation of Republican election monitors.

He told reporters before leaving the state that his remarks “took a little out of context,” adding, “I will accept the results of these elections.”

Biden has previously said that his biggest concern is Trump’s attempt to “steal” the victory, and his campaign enlisted hundreds of lawyers and volunteers to prevent the chaos on Election Day.

Trump had previously questioned the election results and abstained from pledging a peaceful transfer of power if he lost it to Biden, prompting condemnation from the Democratic camp and even among the Republicans.

“We have to see what happens,” Trump said at a White House press conference last month, in response to a journalist who asked if he was pledging to abide by the most basic rules of democracy in the United States, which is the peaceful transfer of power when the president changes.

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