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Child labor in the Arab world

The episode of the Bossar Ta’a program (10-14-2020), shed light on the phenomenon of child exploitation in any form of work that deprives them of their childhood and impedes their ability to learn, due to the living conditions in their countries.

In light of the numbers of the Arab world that indicate an increase in the percentage of children under 18 years of work, the seminar discussed the reasons for children entering the labor market, and what areas they work in to earn a living for their day instead of sitting on the school bench. On the ways to protect them from this exploitation, and the importance of providing for and meeting their needs by the governments of their countries, to ensure their future and to avoid their resorting to engaging in the labor market and violating their childhood.

The program hosted both Nihayat Daboudeb from the International Labor Organization, Tadamon Marzouq, who is the mother of a working child, Najat Anwar, head of “Don’t Takes my Son”, Christy El Khoury from the International Rescue Committee, and civilian activist Wafa Hamandi.

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